Conquer your fears… and look good doing it… My Dreamforce Styleguide

 Ready to Take on the World (and/or Workday)

Top | Pants | Bag (sold out – more Valentino deals here) | Shoes

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

When asked to speak at this year’s Dreamforce conference, I knew I had to take the opportunity. It would be a great experience, great exposure for my #dayjob (#realjob… #onlyjobthatpaysme…), and overall a good idea professionally speaking. So I immediately said yes.

… I also then immediately basically sh*t myself because public speaking is one of my biggest fears. (Outside of planes, and ironically I also had to fly to this conference sooooo there’s that). But I think it’s important, every now and again, to challenge yourself, make yourself try something new, that makes you uncomfortable… because when you come out on the other side (as you always do) then one way or the other, you’ll have learned something new about yourself, and you’ll prove yet again there’s something else you can do.

I also firmly believe (no surprise here) that what you wear for such an occasion is important. Not because of what other people might think about what you look like, but about how what you wear can make you feel powerful and in control. At least that’s true for me.

I chose Alexis, as I often do, because this designer knows how to design to make a women feel in control and on top of the world. It’s important though, when dressing for a public-speaking engagement to also be thoughtful about what will make you feel good, while still being appropriate for the situation.

Many women in this situation would wear all black, but I am not many women, and I rarely wear all black (not that that is bad at all – it’s just not me). I like to stand out and where something that is always a little different – but I had to be careful not to go over the top and distract my audience.

I chose these pants because they were statement in silhouette, but simple enough in pattern and color (all neutrals). I chose a simple top and comfortable heels to keep the look overall looking clean and easy. That way, I got to keep my “me” intact, but still looked professionally appropriate.

The speech went much better than I ever could have thought it would – AND I got so many compliments on these pants soooooo double win 🙂

It’s important to think about how you can continuously modify your style – so that you always stay true to you, while still being able to transition for multiple occasions.

Get the London Look – London Fashion Recap

Get the London Look

Well I wanted to get this piece up for you all sooner, but due to limited Wifi, traveling to three different cities and working like crazy, I couldn’t get this out until now. Nevertheless, I wanted to share how I styled three different looks that translated my style into the London scene effortlessly in three completely separate scenarios. (I even got quite a few compliments from real Londoners – which convinces me I wasn’t totally off!)

Dress | Top | Shoes | Bag

The first look I styled was a work look. I had brought both of these pieces separately and after running out of complete outfits I combined two pieces typically only appropriate for weekend wear into one work-appropriate dress. The top is by The Reformation and the dress is Lovers + Friends.

My fiance had gotten me this bag to take with me as a present just before the trip (quite unlike him – but he wanted me to have something new to blog about… I know, I know – I’m so lucky!). I love navy accessories – and when worn correctly, they can make a great neutral. Here, the bag worked perfectly with the neutral rust of the dress and ivory of the top. My Proenza PS1 (tiny) is from a previous season but this navy one is similar, and if you’re looking for something more truly neutral it also comes in this beige color.

Dress | Bag | Shoes | Watch | Sunglasses | Earrings

Next, for day-time weekend activities – I chose this splurge Alexis dress. This dress took me from the Kensington gardens, to tea at the Goring and was even appropriate for the Chesterton’s polo match (which was a surprise bonus event we discovered during the weekend).

Because we were bopping about to so many places, I chose these comfortable superga white sneaks. Because my shoes were so casual, I was able to balance the look with Dannijo earrings and my favorite Prada bag of the season. I also wore my new favorite pair of Krewe sunglasses (which go with everything – love!)

Top | Pants | Shoes | Bag | Watch | Sunglasses 

My last look took me out on the town. Luckily for me, one of my good girlfriends also works with me AND also happened to be traveling for work to our London office at the same time as me. While the week kept us busy, the weekend gave us some time to get out and about and enjoy London nightlife.


We both noticed wide leg pants as one of the noticeable trends currently hitting the streets in London. I decided to do a spin on that look with these wide leg split pants by Cleobella. These pants are lightweight and at first sight I imagined them to be better beach wear than club wear, but paired with these edgier Zhivago top, they made the perfect girls night out-fit.

I wanted shoes that were dressy enough to pair with the outfit, but also manageable over cobblestones so I brought these Raye heels with me. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own – the suede straps are soft and stretchy and so comfortable on my feet. Not too much the combination of the black of the black suede and casual rope detailing make them perfect for a multitude of occasions. I topped off this look with my go to Saint Laurent blogger bag (how apropos) and headed out for my night out in Chelsea… (the rest… well you’ll just have to ask me if you want those details…;) ).

Well that’s a wrap on London until next time…. see you in Paris!

Same Shirt… Different Day.


Ha! Hope you caught the joke there. I wanted to write a piece on how I transformed my look using the same Marjorelle blouse (if you don’t recall I wore the below at Southby a few weeks ago with casual jeans and heels for a night out) into a dressier, dinner-with-girlfriends/happy hour/I-just-wanna-look-FLY-AF look. I even got another shot crossing a different street (meta…) (this time in these bad@$$ lust-after-Linda Farrow shades; similar style available here).



For this look, I grabbed this Keepsake statement skirt (you can get the dress version at Nordstrom here!).


I paired it with much simpler accessories to make the look more classic since this skirt is already saying so much – a classic watch, simple pendant from Nina Beranato, and these understated gold-dusted glass earrings from Kendra Scott.


I threw on these classic nude pumps (Christian Louboutin – Simple 100) to run over to happy hour, and tossed my credit cards (yay plastic magic!) into this rose gold bag by Rebecca Minkoff (the color brings out the hint of rose in the blouse I might add; it’s sold out but there’s a similar color in the same style on sale on Gilt here) on my way out the door (girl needs a DRINK on a Friday am I right?)

Hope this helps you too figure out how to make more looks out of those precious pieces we spend so much of our discretionary income on… 😉

Trend of the Moment: The Statement Sleeve

LTKI Street

I’m sure by now you’ve seen them everywhere… but I am in love with the spring “statement sleeve”. There’s something about the trend that brings out femininity and regality all at once. Truth be told, these sleeves just make me feel fancy… and who doesn’t love that?


All of this is why I made this blouse [Lovers & Friends LA (still available in select sizes), or try a similar low cost version here, here, or here] my outfit of choice to say goodbye to Southby with a little Sunday morning brunch on Rainey street (and a must-make-pitstop at the fashion blogger hotspot LiketoKnow.It mural).

LTKI close

Styled with a clean pair of white jeans [Paige Denim – available here] and a simple pendant to keep the blouse the focus. Topped the look off with this fun clutch [Kate Spade – now on sale on Kate Spadeand similar styles available to rent at Rent the Runway!] and clear lucite heels to elongate the leg.

LTKI shoes close 1Sad to say goodbye to this year’s SXSW, but can’t wait to sport more of these trendy sleeves as we head into spring!