Ready for Romance

On our way … and feeling all the love-vibes     

Top (Alternates: 1, 2) | Skirt | Shoes | Earrings | Necklace | Ring | Bag

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

We are now officially on our way to paradise – and I couldn’t be more excited. We decided to wait to take our honeymoon, and while hard at times, I think it helped us amp up more excitement for the getaway the wedding far behind us. (Not to mention with this year and how hectic our day jobs have been, I don’t think we could have done it sooner!)

While I’m going to try to limit internet and social media interactions to a minimum while on our honeymoon, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from me about the trip and my fashion choices as we tour a part of the world neither of us have been to! We’re heading to Bangkok, Sumba, Seminyak & Ubud (as long as Mt Agung holds for us!), and Hong Kong and I’ll be documenting all my style choices for visiting these beautiful cities!

Just before leaving I shot this outfit and decided it screamed so much of romance I had to bring it with us on the trip, and wanted to give you all a little something before we head (mostly) off the grid! The red roses, the delicate tulle, the fun fringe detailing on these shoes – all speak to running away somewhere romantic with someone near and dear to you, so I thought it was the perfect piece to share before we head off to enjoy newly wedded bliss. Hope during this lovely season, you all are spending the time with those you love as well. Happy Holidays!

A “Something Different” Way to Holiday

Do Something Different for the Holiday 

Blazer | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Ring | Heels (Silver Glitter, White Glitter, mine are hand-strassed)

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

If you follow me, by now you most definitely know I like to encourage people to do “something different” and step outside of their comfort zone. I hate when people feel like they can’t step out of the box because they “can’t pull” something off. I think you can pull off anything that makes you feel good as long as you’re confident (well almost anything, there are times I have to tell myself to put away the hooker shoes, or dress made entirely of rainbow sequins – it’s the JewTalian in me really that is to blame my love for the gaudy…).

While I LOVE me a sparkly dress or mini skirt (and believe me I’ll be wearing some this holiday season) I wanted to write a little post on another look I styled for the holiday season that brings out a little something different into your wardrobe.

For this look – I took a statement blazer, with over sized sleeve detailing, and paired it with a simple fitted jean. To take this look from Happy Hour to holiday, I added some extra fun holiday jewels from Kendra Scott’s winter line. I topped (or bottomed) out the look with these hand-strassed Christian Louboutin shoes I wore for my wedding (SEE hubs, I told you I’d wear them again). Whether you go with a simpler heel or not, the overall look screams holiday, while still being something slightly different from the usual selection of sequined dresses (again – I still love sequin dresses… :P).

If you’re looking for something new to try this season, here are a couple of alternates I like that accomplish the same look:

Blazers (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Earrings (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Necklaces (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Shoes (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Date Night Done Right

With Tularosa & BlankNYC     Top | Jeans | Bag (Sold Out) | Shoes

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

This look was perfect for a fall weather date night I had the other night (not that we’re getting too much fall weather here, but still! The detail on these jeans HAS to be shown off (the lace up and they actually lace!), so they’re best when paired with a crop or tucked in top. I also love the way this top so cleverly pairs plaid and embroidered flowers make for such an interesting detail. This is definitely a look that will be seeing a lot of wear this season!

Conquer your fears… and look good doing it… My Dreamforce Styleguide

 Ready to Take on the World (and/or Workday)

Top | Pants | Bag (sold out – more Valentino deals here) | Shoes

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

When asked to speak at this year’s Dreamforce conference, I knew I had to take the opportunity. It would be a great experience, great exposure for my #dayjob (#realjob… #onlyjobthatpaysme…), and overall a good idea professionally speaking. So I immediately said yes.

… I also then immediately basically sh*t myself because public speaking is one of my biggest fears. (Outside of planes, and ironically I also had to fly to this conference sooooo there’s that). But I think it’s important, every now and again, to challenge yourself, make yourself try something new, that makes you uncomfortable… because when you come out on the other side (as you always do) then one way or the other, you’ll have learned something new about yourself, and you’ll prove yet again there’s something else you can do.

I also firmly believe (no surprise here) that what you wear for such an occasion is important. Not because of what other people might think about what you look like, but about how what you wear can make you feel powerful and in control. At least that’s true for me.

I chose Alexis, as I often do, because this designer knows how to design to make a women feel in control and on top of the world. It’s important though, when dressing for a public-speaking engagement to also be thoughtful about what will make you feel good, while still being appropriate for the situation.

Many women in this situation would wear all black, but I am not many women, and I rarely wear all black (not that that is bad at all – it’s just not me). I like to stand out and where something that is always a little different – but I had to be careful not to go over the top and distract my audience.

I chose these pants because they were statement in silhouette, but simple enough in pattern and color (all neutrals). I chose a simple top and comfortable heels to keep the look overall looking clean and easy. That way, I got to keep my “me” intact, but still looked professionally appropriate.

The speech went much better than I ever could have thought it would – AND I got so many compliments on these pants soooooo double win 🙂

It’s important to think about how you can continuously modify your style – so that you always stay true to you, while still being able to transition for multiple occasions.

“Austin Chic” – Decoding the Dress Code

Jumpsuit | Shoes (sold out – similar) | Cuff 

Photography by Carlos Barron

On Monday night, I was lucky enough to attend the Andy Roddick Foundation (ARF) Gala which supports an incredibly great cause – giving kids the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities to help them discover what they love to do.

We were so excited for the event, which featured an incredible performance by Jake Owen, but when we got the information for the event, the dress code was listed as “Austin Chic”. To be honest, while it sounds cool, none of us knew what that was.

And that’s when I decided to wear this amazing white jumpsuit (with micro black polka dots!) by Alexis. To me, the best call, when you’re uncertain of how formal an event will be, is a chic go-to jumpsuit like this one. If people are in cocktail attire, and on the more-dressed-up side of the spectrum, you’ll fit in… but if people have opted for a more casual look, let’s say leather pants and a blouse, you’re still going to blend in with the overall feel of the crowd.

This jumpsuit ended up being the perfect call – the outfits were all over the map (which I love to see), but I felt at ease regardless of which group I was mingling with. Not to mention, this jumpsuit was incredibly comfortable to wear, fully lined in a fitted but forgiving fabric. Perfect for a long Monday followed by a party!

Below I’ve listed some more of my favorite jumpsuits for this type of occasion… happy shopping!

1. Stone Cold Fox Stevie Jumpsuit – Perfect for the girl who loves the “work, meet play” sort of vibe

2. Rachel Pally Thorne Jumpsuit – Not only is the print gorgeous, but it can be worn two ways with the plunge in the back or front depending on your appetite for a sultry feel or chic shape

3. Faithfull the Brand Riley Jumpsuit – Effortless chic in a casual cool striped print and plunging front

4. The Jetset Diaries Ellil Jumpsuit in Ruby – Make a wow-them-all red carpet entrance in this ruby red jumpsuit in a classic draped silhouette


Fall in London (where it’s actually Fall ;))

Fall Trends in London

9-5 in Fulham
Top (similar styles 123) | Coat | Jeans | Shoes (similar style) | Bag | Sunglasses
Cocktails in Chelsea
Brunching in Kensington  
Jumpsuit | Bag | Earrings
Late Nights in Soho
Top | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace
Visiting London for work recently gave me the best chance to start bringing out my favorite fall pieces. London brought rainy weather – as expected – and normally I’m not a fan, but something about London’s rain makes it so much more beautiful.
For a city as big as it is, it’s full of so much more than just your typical syscrapers, industrial buildings and packed city streets. While London has that, there’s a clean, regal, and even colorful feeling to the whole city. From it’s population, to its’ greenery and sophisticated architecture, London is one of my favorite places to be, no matter how many times I  visit.
While London has it’s own effortlessly chic style (one I always try to embody, but admittedly haven’t perfectly captured yet), being there for fall made it clear that there are a few styles that aren’t going anywhere just yet:
1.  Velvet
  • Yup – our favorite 90s throwback is clearly here to stay. From boots to booties, to complete dresses and sets, this trend isn’t going ANYWHERE. Here are a few of my fave looks:

Sets and Separates:

Luxe Accessories:


2.  The Jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuits are one of my favorite revivals from the 70s and they definitely not going anywhere. Jumpsuits will still be highly prevalent on the fashion scene and will see some fun twists on the classic – like these wide leg ones I found from Flynn Skye. A few of my other favorite fall ready jumpsuits:


Full of color:
3.  Polka Dots
  • While a newer trend, this fad that popped up in the end of summer is converting nicely into fall with black and white and other darker styled prints. A few styles I can’t live without:


4. The Culotte
  • A perfect transition piece – these wide leg cropped wonders are becoming ever more popular. They evoke the epitome of chic while still being comfortable and feminine. A few of my faves:

Casual cool:

All dressed up:

And that’s a wrap on my fall faves…. now I’m off to get married, next time I write you I’ll be a Mrs…. stay tuned for wedding deets!!!

Designer Spotlight: Mad about Misa Los Angeles

Top | Skirt | Bag (similar)| Shoes (similar)

Top (sold out) | Shorts | Shoes (similar)

 Dress | Shoes (sold out) | Bag (mine is sold out – similar here)

For my second designer spotlight, I am SO excited to bring you this piece on Misa Los Angeles. Misa’s signature is ultra-feminine silhouettes in a multitude of high quality textiles and prints. The designer makes her clothing both overstated and understated at the same time; taking a simple print and pairing it with a statement sleeve for example, or using a fashion-forward textile like luxe velvet and mixing it with a more classic silhouette.

The clothes are reminiscent of global travel in terms of inspiration, but are still completely appropriate for every day wear. While the designer does make a number of dresses, her true specialty in my opinion is the array of separates you’re sure to see in every line in so many prints.

The versatility of the pieces is one of my favorite things about Misa. I love taking these and wearing them together on a night out, but separating them to get a more formal look for work. The pieces are flirty and feminine, but primarily still modest enough to pair with something more conservative which just adds to their “day-to-night durability.”

Love me some Misa and if you don’t already, I’m pretty sure you will soon! Happy shopping!

From Date Night to Girls Night

From Date Night to Girls Night

Top (Swim) | Skirt | Shoes | Bag (similar – mine sold out)

Earrings (sold out) | Necklace

A few Fridays ago – I needed to plan an outfit for a night out to dinner with my girlfriends, followed by drinks with family, and THEN out to the bars. Lucky for me, sneakers and skirts are trending. On a hot summer night (it’s still in the 90s at night here!) – I wanted something easy breezy, but comfortable enough to run around downtown Austin.

I chose to wear this tulle skirt (I LOVE how this one in particular changes it up from the typical looks with an embroidered design). It worked perfectly with my go to Supergas I pretty much wear everywhere. Best part – I actually wore my Frankie’s swimsuit as a crop top, which was PERFECT to keep me cool and comfortable in the heat (PS if you don’t know, wearing your swimsuit as a top (works well with one-pieces too!) is not only trending but a great way to beat the heat for those of who in warmer climates.

This look truly made me look effortlessly chic, while being casual, cute and comfortable all at the same time.