The Magic of Nihi

The Magic of Nihi Sumba

Kimono (Alternate Color/Style) | Bikini Top (Alternate Color) | Bikini Bottom (Alternate Color/Style) | One Piece Sage/Porcelain | Sunglasses


Top (Sold Out) | Skirt | Shoes | Earrings 

Dress (Sold Out – Similar styles: 1, 2, 3) | Earrings | Shoes


Next up on our honeymoon was definitely a spot we were very much looking forward to as one of the highlights of our trip, and it didn’t disappoint.
Nihi Sumba is a sprawling resort on the far side of an island called Sumba, which is just off the coast of Bali in Indonesia. We love to incorporate at least one “off the beaten path” style destination on our vacations, and this one was definitely off the beaten path.
Located on the south western coast of the island, nestled amongst the jungle and situated right on the water, it was one of the most beautifully designed resorts I’ve ever had the fortune to see. The resort is also actually quite large; with approximately 30 rooms and 60 villas, their accommodations range in shapes and sizes to fit the style of the honeymooner, the adventurer, and even large groups and families.
Our villa was the Marangga suite which was right on the water, with an ocean view, private pool and our own bale down closer to the cliff’s edge where we could have intimate meals, services, or even just relax and watch the tides change throughout the day.
What they don’t tell you (or at least we didn’t research) before you arrive, is that the resort has an intensely close and charitable relationship with the island’s community. 90% of the staff is made up of local Sumbanese individuals. The island itself has a substantial amount of poverty, and the resort gives back in part by employing many locals, and in another large part by having founded The Sumba Foundation, which provides health benefits, schooling, water and other services to the local population. We were incredibly impressed by the passion the resort owners have for the people and the symbiotic relationship the resort and the island have with each other was certainly felt by the guests, and absolutely added to the magic of the experience. We also felt lucky enough to be able to donate Christmas bags for the children filled with educational yet fun items (like stationary) that they wouldn’t normally have access to.
Additionally, we were able to experience a variety of excursions, that really helped us in seeing the beauty of the island. On our first day, we just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the resort, but the next day we went stand up paddle boarding down the river, where we saw everything from water buffalo swimming next to us, to large prehistoric looking monitors, to ending in a local fishing village where we got to meet many of the (extremely adorable) local children.
The next day we took a tour of the “on campus” chocolate factory. We got to see how they produce the chocolate and then experienced a chocolate facial that uses the antioxidant properties of the chocolate to help restore the skin. In between, we were treated to an amazing private yoga class with the on campus instructor which was so peaceful when conducted amongst the trees near the factory.
 The last day was “my day” and hubs treated me to the “Spa Safari” – you can either go by car or walk (we chose the car) and travel through a local village where you get to see how the Sumbanese actually live and why, before trekking over to a cliffside outdoor spa where you get unlimited treatments (we did all of them!). We ended our long day with a custom made private dinner that the staff hosted for us under the stars on the beach back at the resort. It was truly an amazing and restorative way to end our stay at Nihi.
We certainly hope some day we are able to come back and experience the magic of the island once again! But for now… we’re off to Bali! 😃

My Take on Thai Style

Nights Out in Bangkok

Top | Skirt | Shoes (similar) | Earrings | Necklace | Ring


Riding with the Elephants

Top | Pants (almost sold out) | Shoes | Earrings


Dinner at Gaggan

Dress (small on sale here)| Shoes (similar) | Earrings | Ring

When traveling, I love to be inspired by the places around me in how I dress. This doesn’t necessarily mean I dress like the locals do of course (sometimes I might try, but that’s so hard to perfect in a place you don’t frequent, and I always like to be a little “different” anyway), but I like to take inspiration from the architecture, the agriculture, the landscape, the culture and the environment around me in constructing my outfits.

In Bangkok, Thailand, I was immediately inspired by the mix of metal and movement, greenery and nightlife – the vibrancy of the modern street-life mixed with the opulence of the old world all in one place.

For my first look on a night out, I mixed the casual vibe of this Mate the Label tee with the romantic and nature-inspired floral skirt by Asilio. I added my glittery heels (hand-made for my bachelorette if you don’t recall :P), to echo the sparkle of the nightlife. I topped off the look with some fun jewelry from For Love & Lemon’s new jewelry line (which is surprisingly, yet unsurprisingly amazing – what can’t they do I mean sheesh) and some beautiful Kendra Scott pieces from her holiday line.

On a day trip out to visit the elephants, I chose this uber comfortable (yet stylish) two piece crop set by my frequently-worn fave, Spell & the Gypsy. This print is from their Flower Child line a few releases back, but I still love it, and it was a perfect echo of the environment around me in outer Bangkok. Not only that, but it was incredibly practical (like wearing the world’s most stylish pajamas) – definitely something I don’t have enough of!

On our last night, I got to visit Gaggan, a restaurant I’d heard of and been dying to try for ages! One of San Pellegrino’s top ten, but closing it’s doors this year, we felt incredibly lucky to get a reservation and I definitely wanted to dress my best. This one shoulder asymmetrical Alexis dress with an opposing asymmetrical hem was perfectly Asian-inspired and these Kendra Scott earrings that are themselves reminiscent of ancient temples were the perfect compliment. I have to say, the true star of the night, despite my best efforts was the dining experience. it was absolutely incredible and unlike anything I’d ever had (and I do like to consider myself a foodie!) The entire menu was nothing but emojis, with the true ingredients not revealed until after the dinner was done. In addition, the chef paid special attention not just to the taste, but additionally the presentation, some menu items even including an audial experience. If you are in Bangkok – you must go!

Well… now it’s off to Indonesia… stay tuned!!!

Ready for Romance

On our way … and feeling all the love-vibes     

Top (Alternates: 1, 2) | Skirt | Shoes | Earrings | Necklace | Ring | Bag

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

We are now officially on our way to paradise – and I couldn’t be more excited. We decided to wait to take our honeymoon, and while hard at times, I think it helped us amp up more excitement for the getaway the wedding far behind us. (Not to mention with this year and how hectic our day jobs have been, I don’t think we could have done it sooner!)

While I’m going to try to limit internet and social media interactions to a minimum while on our honeymoon, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from me about the trip and my fashion choices as we tour a part of the world neither of us have been to! We’re heading to Bangkok, Sumba, Seminyak & Ubud (as long as Mt Agung holds for us!), and Hong Kong and I’ll be documenting all my style choices for visiting these beautiful cities!

Just before leaving I shot this outfit and decided it screamed so much of romance I had to bring it with us on the trip, and wanted to give you all a little something before we head (mostly) off the grid! The red roses, the delicate tulle, the fun fringe detailing on these shoes – all speak to running away somewhere romantic with someone near and dear to you, so I thought it was the perfect piece to share before we head off to enjoy newly wedded bliss. Hope during this lovely season, you all are spending the time with those you love as well. Happy Holidays!

Mixed Print Madness

Mixed Prints: Already Ready for Vacay…

Top | Skirt (sold out but matching suit still available)| Bag (black available here)| Sunglasses

While I only got married a few weeks ago… and we’re waiting until December to take our honeymoon, I of course am already planning what to wear! As the colder months approach, so will the vacations, and one of my favorite trends to take my foreign fashion style up a notch (with minimal effort) is to mix prints.  There are so many ways to test out this trend, but it’s important to keep a couple things in mind in order to make the look work:

1. Pair the Prints

  • When picking out which prints to use, be sure to select ones that compliment each other. A good trick is to pick a common color scheme as well as a common theme – for example, in this look – the prints both feature bright colors, include yellow, and evoke a tropical, warm theme. The look wouldn’t work as well if any one of those elements was missing

2. Proportions are Key

  •  It’s important that you choose pieces that are in the right proportion to each other. This look for example would have worked much less well if the top had as much fabric as the skirt. You want to be sure you don’t overdo it – and with prints, especially bold ones, it’s easy to do that if you aren’t careful about how much of each print is featured. You generally want to let one print speak for the majority of the look.

3.  Accessorize Appropriately

  •  Choose accessories that are simple to let the rest of the outfit shine. Certain more neutral prints can still be accompanied by a bold color, but avoid using another print and if you must, be sure its simple enough not to take away from the rest of the look.

Designer Spotlight: Alice McCall

Designer Spotlight – Alice McCall

 DressShoes (also in black) | Bag 

Romper | Shoes (red is last season – now available in Navy) | Bag | Sunglasses 

Romper (also in black) | Shoes (also in black) | Bag (similar) | Necklace 

Alice McCall is another Australian designer (I tend to have a thing for them) that I’ve LONG been a fan of. I think I originally discovered Alice via NastyGal back before the company changed ownership. I still remember (and still have) the first dress I discovered – the Angel on Wheels dress and was so impressed by the unique quality of the Alice McCall designs. (And wished I’d discovered the label even sooner!)

Alice McCalls designs are all distinctly whimsical and unusual (in the best way). Her looks are hyper feminine but playful with the use of bold textiles and patterns and fashion-forward silhouettes. All her pieces are also instantly recognizable due to their vibrant and exaggerated nature from the brand’s focus on a “craft”-based approach to design and appreciation for “the graphic use of space and color.”

I love the new “spring/summer” line Alice just released (remember the designer is in Australia but who says you can’t take bright colors into winter too? When paired accordingly it’s possible to make many of these year round pieces). Some of my favorite pieces are the “Tumeric” designs – the “Tiny Dancer playsuit” (above) is also gorgeous in the Oh Oh Oh Maxi dress style (I LOVE the black in this one!) I’m additionally obsessed with the print and textile used for the “Frida Floral” pieces – I’m currently debating between the jumpsuit and midi dress myself.

Alice McCall truly can’t go wrong – and I can’t wait to see what wonderland of innovative and creative designs she comes up with next!

Festival Fun with Spell Flower Child

Top | Bralette | Shorts | Booties | Bag | Sunglasses 

Top | Skirt | Sneakers (mine are sold out – similar) | Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace | Bracelet | Ring 

When my Spell & the Gypsy Collective Flower Child pieces arrived, I immediately thought about how perfect they would be for festival season, and particularly for ACL. Whether you’re into hipster cool or rockstar chic, these spell pieces when accessorized correctly have the look for you.

To put a little edge in my look, I paired the first look, a Spell denim shirt, with black high waisted shorts and a printed bralette to keep the focus on the shirt. I added a pair of fun booties to make my look rock-star ready.

For the second look, I kept it simpler – this skirt says it all so I paired it with a simple tee shirt (also by Spell, and perfect for ACL as it calls out Austin! Which I found extra impressive since the designer is based out of Australia :)). I threw on some fun, but affordable rose gold sneakers by H&M for a comfortable yet still fashion-forward look.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to also check out the latest from their Lionheart, which still incorporates the same worldly feelings that all of the collections reference while evoking vintage vibes.

Well… enjoy the show… see you there ;P

Fall in London (where it’s actually Fall ;))

Fall Trends in London

9-5 in Fulham
Top (similar styles 123) | Coat | Jeans | Shoes (similar style) | Bag | Sunglasses
Cocktails in Chelsea
Brunching in Kensington  
Jumpsuit | Bag | Earrings
Late Nights in Soho
Top | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace
Visiting London for work recently gave me the best chance to start bringing out my favorite fall pieces. London brought rainy weather – as expected – and normally I’m not a fan, but something about London’s rain makes it so much more beautiful.
For a city as big as it is, it’s full of so much more than just your typical syscrapers, industrial buildings and packed city streets. While London has that, there’s a clean, regal, and even colorful feeling to the whole city. From it’s population, to its’ greenery and sophisticated architecture, London is one of my favorite places to be, no matter how many times I  visit.
While London has it’s own effortlessly chic style (one I always try to embody, but admittedly haven’t perfectly captured yet), being there for fall made it clear that there are a few styles that aren’t going anywhere just yet:
1.  Velvet
  • Yup – our favorite 90s throwback is clearly here to stay. From boots to booties, to complete dresses and sets, this trend isn’t going ANYWHERE. Here are a few of my fave looks:

Sets and Separates:

Luxe Accessories:


2.  The Jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuits are one of my favorite revivals from the 70s and they definitely not going anywhere. Jumpsuits will still be highly prevalent on the fashion scene and will see some fun twists on the classic – like these wide leg ones I found from Flynn Skye. A few of my other favorite fall ready jumpsuits:


Full of color:
3.  Polka Dots
  • While a newer trend, this fad that popped up in the end of summer is converting nicely into fall with black and white and other darker styled prints. A few styles I can’t live without:


4. The Culotte
  • A perfect transition piece – these wide leg cropped wonders are becoming ever more popular. They evoke the epitome of chic while still being comfortable and feminine. A few of my faves:

Casual cool:

All dressed up:

And that’s a wrap on my fall faves…. now I’m off to get married, next time I write you I’ll be a Mrs…. stay tuned for wedding deets!!!

Designer Spotlight: Under the Spell… of Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Top | Shorts (alternate wash) | Necklace | Sunglasses | Bag 


Swim top | Swim bottom | Alternate bottom | Sunglasses

  Dress | Earrings | ShoesBag

I wanted to introduce you all to a new feature I’m testing out “designer spotlights” – with the goal to introduce you (or reintroduce you) to some of my favorite brands that deserve extra attention. These may be brands you’ve never heard of, or ones you know and love – but I wanted to take a few moments to share my two cents on what I think make this brands worth of an extra-special-spotlight for the month.

For this first piece, I wanted to chat a little bit about Spell & The Gyspy – an Australian brand that truly brings a chic essence to casual cool pieces, perfect for everything from every day wear to travel to exotic places. Characterized by feminine shapes, floral prints and extremely comfortable textiles, the brand makes it incredibly easy to look effortless (and feel it too!).

The line features a variety of ready to wear pieces – rompers, maxis and wrap tops are all featured in the latest line – and has recently introduced swim. For me, the best part about the brand is their use of prints and the consistent comfortability of their cotton blend fabrics.

Their lotus line was an homage of sorts to ancient trade routes with significant asian inspiration: “…the white embroidery anglaise Damsel pieces are young and playful, the classic and sophisticated Etienne representing her journey into independence, the Anastasia Brocade, richly decorative and finally, whispers of opulence with the LOTUS story.”

Even more exciting is their Flower Child line, the first half released at the end of July and the next is dropping in just a week. I already have a preorder out for 90% of the line (and that’s not even an exaggeration). This line is a TOTAL blast from the past that will have you feeling anything except Dazed and Confused… (;)). I love the embroidered denim pieces (which are already trending heavily throughout many designers), but the soft florals in a variety of patterns and colors are truly divine and I love the use of the print in various colors and styles (everything from a mini dress to a bomber!).

If you’re local to Austin and looking for a place to check out the brand, head to Southern Hippie on Guadalupe near UT. They have an excellent selection of Spell (and I know for a fact they’re getting many of the pieces from the Flower Child line as well) – not to mention they have incredible customer service!

If you don’t know, now you know… but be careful, if you’re anything like me you’ll be under their spell (and fresh out of money) before you know it! 😛

I wanna be like… Most Girls…

Bachelorette Outfit Recap

Swimsuit | Skirt | Sunglasses | Heels

Romper | Bag | Heels

Swimsuit | Skirt | Sunglasses | Necklace

My Look: Dress | Shoes | Necklace

This last weekend I celebrated my upcoming nuptials with some of my favorite women in the world… and I’ve never felt so loved. Outside of the obvious “Despacito” (I spent my weekend in Miami), one of my favorite songs of the weekend was “Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld.

When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love. Mind you, I’m not usually the bubble gum pop type (at least not primarily – I admit I have a few Justin Bieber songs in my spotify…), but I love what this song is trying to teach young women. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said “well I’m different from most girls because…” Raise your hand higher if you said this to a man, and then smack yourself lightly on the head … (I know I’m guilty).

This song, to me, is about turning that sentiment around – and conveys that, while we’re all different – some of us “feel best in a tiny dress”, some of us feel like queens in “nothing but sweatpants” (we all know I’m the former), we should appreciate those things about each other and remember that the vast majority of us are “strong and smart and beautiful” and we are all trying to “work hard, go far [and be] unstoppable.” We should support each other in these endeavors, instead of trying to push each other out of the way while we all simply “[try] to win at life.”

So frequently in my life I’ve encountered women who, instead of building each other up, insist on competing with each other, on doing whatever it takes to ensure they’re at the top, and it’s this behavior that makes us our own worst enemies.

I believe this behavior comes from the sense that women feel there can “only be one” – for some reason, over time we’ve been socialized to live in a world of “-ests”. You need to be the smart-EST girl in class, the hard-EST working for the job, the sweet-EST of all your friends, the classi-EST host, and of course my favorite, the pretti-EST girl in the room. This is because of course, women seem to think in a binary manner about the qualities they pride themselves on. Either you’re the best or you’re nothing.

I admit, I do this to myself all the time – I leave the house feeling FLY AF and then I walk into a bar and I’m like damn that girl is prettier, or better dressed, or funnier, yada yada and the list goes on. I have to actively stop myself and say – she’s gorgeous and that’s awesome for her and so are you in your own way and WHO CARES EVEN. I actually started doing something new last year – whenever I meet a girl that right off the bat rubs me the wrong way, or I find myself wanting to compete with, I try to become they’re closest friend. Because 9 times out of 10 these are JUST the bad@$$ babes that I should be friends with. They’re hard-working, smart, funny, and honestly value a lot of the same things I do. It’s worked wonders and I have many new amazing and inspiring female friends as a result.

I know this post is a bit of an off-core-topic to my usual fashion focus – but as I’m going through my “wedding year”, one of the most telling and transitional of a women’s life, I am not just amazed by the love I have for my fiance, but for the love and support that has resonated from so many amazing women around me. Shout out to all you strong, intelligent, powerful women who make me wanna be like… most girls….

One Piece Wonder



As Summer rapidly approaches, we are seeing more and more of the adorable one-piece trend making its way over all the runways, top designers and influencers’ closets. I was hesitant at first (tan-lines am I right?), but the more of them come out, the better they get and the amount of style they bestow on the wearer just can’t be passed up.

This one by Indah in particular caught my eye the second it came out … and apparently everyone else’s because it sold out twice even on preorder. (It’s on preorder AGAIN so grab it now before it sells out completely!) Nude swimsuits are definitely on trend, and the strappy back to this one (while not the first strappy one piece of seen) is cut perfectly to accentuate and compliment a women’s figure. While definitely made for the daring given the racy cut and back, it’s absolutely worth it (and YES you can pull it off, stop that right meow).

Be on the lookout for more pieces on this delightful one piece trend coming soon… I personally can’t get enough!