Go Bold – Printed Pant Perfection

Dare to Wear – Bold Pants

Pants (Sold Outshop the post below for other bold styles I’m digging!) | Top | BootsBag (similar)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Welcome to my new favorite trend – bold pieces of clothing. From statement sleeves to fashion-forward footwear to patterned pants, more is more these days. I love that fashion is allowing for more vibrant choices, letting people express themselves more loudly than before. However, even with more being more, it is still important to keep in mind that pairing is key with bolder prints and textiles.

Here, I took these (OMG-to-die-for-amazing) pants by one of my faves, Alexis, and paired them with a simple black turtleneck. This look could be taken up a notch with these gold boots I have pictured, which work despite their bold design because of the way the gold compliments the feel of the print. The pants could just as easily be paired with simple black (or my favorite, this season’s bordeaux) pumps.

These pants may be too wild for you, but I think regardless of your personal preference, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to take risks, and not spend too much time worrying whether or not you can “pull it off” – it’s all in the confidence. #daretowear

Here are a few of my faves:

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography

Trend I’m Crushing On: Sheer Shoes

Bare-All Booties and More…

Top (also in black) | Skirt | Shoes (also in Silver and Black)| Bag

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

You all know I love when people #daretowear #somethingdifferent – and one of my favorite trends is the sheer shoe-wear people are rocking these days. And this particular trend – isn’t even that hard to rock. I mean they’re clear, clear matches everything right?

You can wear them with jeans but I like the way they lengthen the leg with a mini skirt, particularly if they’re a bootie (as you have to be extremely particular when pairing a pant that goes inside the actual boot). Here, I’ve paired mine with a fun (also trending) metallic leather mini and a t-shirt to keep the look casual. Now that it’s (finally) starting to get colder, this same look could be paired with a neutral leather jacket or (my personal preference) some fabulous fur (faux or faux real – depending on your personal beliefs ;)).

I love how this trend also helps create the perfect transition into fall (which is still taking quite a bit of time for us in Texas). Below are links to some of my fave styles, at varying price points – enjoy!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six 


Feeling Thankful

Saying Thanks

Top | Jeans | Boots | Bag (similar) | Earrings | Ring | Harness (Alternates: 1, 2)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Since I’ve been married, it seems to have just been one thing after another. Catching up on work, doctor’s appointments, and life in general has proved to be even harder than I had anticipated, and I’ve really had to lean on my new husband to get through it all.

It’s days like these, starting our first holiday season off as a family, that I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, and the number one reason that’s true, is because he’s my true partner. He’s strong when I’m not, he’s there for me when I need him and he does all these things trusting that I’ll do the same for him when he needs it. I love having that safety and security and all from someone I respect more than I can put into words (especially a few short ones in a blog post ;)).

He also does an amazing job of reminding me that I should be thankful. It can be quite hard, when caught up with life and it’s demands, resulting in a feeling of never being good enough. This is especially true in today’s age, where it’s so easy to see what other people are doing, what they have that you don’t, how much better looking they are, or how much more they travel. But at the end of the day, I am so lucky – having my husband would be lucky enough alone, but even the fact that we’re all here, and breathing, and living, is something we should all spend more time being thankful for.

Annndddddd let’s be honest, I’m thankful AF for these jeans that me look bomb even three servings of stuffing in, these boots that make me feel like a true bad@$$ babe, and this harness which is the perfect mix of weird and super f*ing awesome (more to come on this accessory and how to rock the trend soon!)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, and taking time, despite whatever hardships are going on, to be thankful for the things they do have – rather than worrying about the things they don’t. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography

Exotic Inspiration

Top (exact print sold out, other available) | Shorts (limited availability) | Shoes (last season – sold out) Bag | Sunglasses | Ring | Earrings

One of my favorite things about style is discovering new and innovative designers in the space. A designer I discovered at Austin Fashion Week, Nomzee Designs creates her prints with inspiration from her African heritage. The prints are exotic, but the shapes are familiar – easily worn from everything to a work day to happy hour to a girls night out.

I have already purchased multiple items, but my first was this crop top (actually checked out DURING the show – talk about an impulse buy, though not a regrettable one ;)) I wore it with simple (but clean) denim shorts by Alice McCall.

I wore this look for a happy-hour-to-night-out, so I decide to take it up a notch with these Jeffrey Campbell Levluv shoes purchased at Free People last season. The edginess of this outfit also allowed me to wear these Nina Berenato horse hair earrings and ring in keeping with the overall vibe of the look.

Last I grabbed one of my FAVORITE new Sancia bags. The box style is super on trend and the horn closure detail makes this bag so unique. I love pretty much everything Sancia – but this is one of my favorites for sure.


One Piece Wonder



As Summer rapidly approaches, we are seeing more and more of the adorable one-piece trend making its way over all the runways, top designers and influencers’ closets. I was hesitant at first (tan-lines am I right?), but the more of them come out, the better they get and the amount of style they bestow on the wearer just can’t be passed up.

This one by Indah in particular caught my eye the second it came out … and apparently everyone else’s because it sold out twice even on preorder. (It’s on preorder AGAIN so grab it now before it sells out completely!) Nude swimsuits are definitely on trend, and the strappy back to this one (while not the first strappy one piece of seen) is cut perfectly to accentuate and compliment a women’s figure. While definitely made for the daring given the racy cut and back, it’s absolutely worth it (and YES you can pull it off, stop that right meow).

Be on the lookout for more pieces on this delightful one piece trend coming soon… I personally can’t get enough!




Who says I can’t wear these shoes “all the time?”

Shoes | Top | Jeans | Bag

… was my response when I decided to completely cover an entire pair of shoes in rhinestones (see DIY Strass post here; linked to the un-studded shoe here). I got a lot of questions when I did this – “but how could you spend that much time and money when you can never wear these?!?!” Um – never? Not sure what fashion-world you’re living in, but in mine – there are NO rules, and if I want to feel fancy AF in my glittery-modern-day-ruby-red-slippers, then I WILL!

It is true – that when wearing shoes that rival the shine of the sun, you have to be thoughtful about the rest of the outfit. If I’m heading out to a nice dinner, or girls night out dancing then its no problem to pair these as usual with something dressier, however, when I wanted to wear these to happy hour, I had to tone the look down.

To do this, I styled the shoes with these ripped jeans by Lovers + Friends LA (I literally cannot wear these without getting compliments and they are so comfortable! I also snagged this Chaser tank (featuring a Longhorn no less – I am so texas now).I balanced the casual feel of the tee shirt and jeans combo – not just with the shoes, but also with these amazing Dannijo earrings I snagged on sale, and full finger ring from House of Harlow (this ring I got years ago, but similar versions by the designer still available here, here and here). I also picked up this clutch by St Xavier (I don’t care how basic I am – who doesn’t love repping their #team).This outfit, while “fashion-forward” is still perfectly appropriate for a “casual” night out with your #squad.


DIY Strass… How to Rhinestone your very own Louboutins for less!

  Live Video – Louboutin Gold Strass

Have you ever lusted after a pair of designer shoes…. only to see the same pair in a sparklier-perfectly unique-even more lust worthy style…. and then discover the even MORE ridiculous price tag?

Well, this may not be true for all of you, but if you’re anything like me you 1) have a knack for always finding the more expensive thing and 2) canNOT resist anything that is available in sparkly form (I blame being both Italian AND Jewish… we like our stuff sparkly).

I was actually able however, to buy a pair of authentic Louboutins in the style that I wanted (which by the way were PLENTY beautiful on their own) and then strassed (or rhinestoned) them myself for about a quarter of the price of buying shoes that come fully strassed. You can also find a gently used pair on eBay, theREALREAL or Luxury Garage Sale (as long as there aren’t tears, only scuffs) since you’re going to be covering them anyway.

To cover these shoes, I purchased rhinestones in various sizes, (I am a 7.5 [these are 38 Pigalle Follies 100s], and covered the entire shoe) – I bought “Light Colorado Topaz” genuine swarovski chrystals and I got 4 gross, size 20 (had a lot extra of these); 6 gross, size 16 (had some extra here too), 9 gross, size 12 (used just enough), 20 gross, size 9 (had just barely enough, would have gotten more), 20 gross, size 7 (had just barely enough, would have gotten more). To affix them, you need E6000 glue*** and some sort of wax tip pen. ***NOTE – this stuff is highly toxic, you MUST use in an open or ventilated space, wear safety gloves, and a mask (so fashion really CAN be painful… but so worth it?).

The result was these picture perfect heels that I plan on rocking at my bachelorette this summer. I’ll be doing an upcoming post on how I styled the rest of this outfit for Happy Hour to keep these from being an occasion only soon… be on the lookout for that one in a few weeks!

Playing with Volume…

Ref Top Keepsake Pant steps sit close prettyRef Top Keepsake Pant steps full look sideRef Top Keepsake Pant steps just outfitRef Top Keepsake Pant garden look side

When I’m in the mood to make a bigger statement, one of my favorite go-to-moves is to play with volume.

By that, I mean taking a piece of clothing that is voluminous and overstated, and styling it with other pieces, but doing so in way that prevents it from either going over the top (though my top might be a little wilder than your top…), or ending up with a look that’s just plain unflattering.

Here I used this Keepsake Every Chance Pant I got from one of the recent BNKR edits as my focused piece (you could try one of these as well: Keepsake Hindsight Pant; C/MEO Collective Harmony Pant).

Ref Top Keepsake Pant garden ponytail look side

In order to pull off a high volume look, be sure to select alternating items that compliment the voluminous piece without taking away from it.

Ref Top Keepsake Pant steps sitting casual

A crop top is a great way to compliment a fuller volume pant (and boy does mama love a crop top).

Bonus points – the fit of the pant will prevent the overall look from being too sexy (though I personally don’t think you can EVER be too sexy, #youdoyouboo, but nonetheless…)

I chose this Reformation Mohawk blouse in Ivory (I purchased this awhile ago on the Ref site, but for a similar look – try these tops by Norma Kamali, House of Harlow 1960 or Cleobella or change it up with something like this L’Academie Safari Short Sleeve Wrap Blouse or this Marissa Webb Gingham Crop if you choose a solid pant).

shoes only

I then chose a simple nude strappy Schutz heel (I also like this block heel version from the designer as well) to elongate the leg (I’m shorter so I don’t have a lot of wiggle room (literally) when I go with a fuller pant)

Ref Top Keepsake Pant steps jewelry detail

Last I took a black choker to tie in the black/white vibe (another custom Choker from my @SVNLights), some statement House of Harlow Ayita earrings I got from Rocksbox, and a fun statement ring from Alexis Bittar (mine’s sold out, but these are similar:  Alexis Bittar Futurist Ring; Alexis Bittar Stepped Pyramid Ring).

Ref Top Keepsake Pant steps look side pocket

Ref Top Keepsake Pant steps sitting smile

Hats off to this look…(or should I say hats on?)

TJD La Cucaracha Gladys Tamez hat Back arms downTJD La Cucaracha Gladys Tamez hat sitting bench sideTJD La Cucaracha Gladys Tamez hat full outfit forward hotel

Normally, when I choose my outfit, I start with the clothes rather than the accessories and style my look around them as the centerpiece, but when I found this hat, I had to make whatever clothes I had work with it.

TJD La Cucaracha Gladys Tamez hat Back arms up

I fell in love with this hat from the For Love & Lemons x Gladys Tamez Millinery specialty line debuting this spring. This is the “La Noche” hat and the inspiration is Spain, and it shows, with the lace detailing giving off a perfectly romantic vibe without overdoing it); [similar style (for a much higher price point) on Gladys Tamez’ site, a white version on Neiman Marcus, or affordable versions by Ale by Alessandra here and by Brixton here on Revolve].

TJD La Cucaracha Gladys Tamez hat ocean look front


Lucky for me, this showstopping “La Cucaracha” print by The Jetset Diaries (dress is sold out, but skirt available here; similar dress styles also available by same designer here and here, or by Misa Los Angeles).

TJD La Cucaracha Gladys Tamez hat lilacs laughter side

In fact – the print was so gorgeous… I took a quick pit stop to take a photo with this adorable house, aptly named “Lilacs & Laughter” as the perfect backdrop for the dress sans hat. It wasn’t long before I put it back on though…

Happy hat-hunting for spring…!

Southby Style Continued… SXSW Music


As Southby week continues to rage on, so does the influx of people, events and of course, style selections.

Heading into SXSW music, I like to update my look by moving to an edgier, more “concert-goer” place, so I can properly mix and mingle with the music loving crowd that is *slightly* different than those that are here for Interactive.

I like to take a statement piece and throw it alongside some of my go to basics in order to quickly and easily look ready for the show.


For this outfit, I grabbed this statement bodysuit I snagged at the Nastygal sale (RIP OG Nastygal, but you can still shop their site under new ownership!), and paired it with a go to black maxi [mine is Lovers & Friends LA; similar styles available at Revolve here, here and for an even edgier look try here] and pair of black booties [Rebecca Minkoff – now on sale here]. I threw on my FAVORITE little black bag – the appropriately named Saint Laurent Blogger Bag in black (equally cute, but slightly more affordable black crossbody available here by Rebecca Minkoff).


When I shot, weather wasn’t permitting  (thanks to Austin’s oh-so-predictable weather…), so I added the booties for warmth, but they can also add an edgy touch to a look by pairing them with a maxi. (Note that you want to be sure you’re proportions are still on and you’re showing the right amount of skin; I recommend a maxi with a slit like the one I’m wearing here). This look can be easily converted in warmer weather with a tank style bodysuit and gladiator flats.

 You can pair the whole ensemble with a good black floppy hat (I just spent too much this month – standard me – and had no money leftover for the hat…)

Hope all you Austin visitors are enjoying Southby… now I’ve gotta get to the show myself… see ya next time.