A “Something Different” Way to Holiday

Do Something Different for the Holiday 

Blazer | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Ring | Heels (Silver Glitter, White Glitter, mine are hand-strassed)

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

If you follow me, by now you most definitely know I like to encourage people to do “something different” and step outside of their comfort zone. I hate when people feel like they can’t step out of the box because they “can’t pull” something off. I think you can pull off anything that makes you feel good as long as you’re confident (well almost anything, there are times I have to tell myself to put away the hooker shoes, or dress made entirely of rainbow sequins – it’s the JewTalian in me really that is to blame my love for the gaudy…).

While I LOVE me a sparkly dress or mini skirt (and believe me I’ll be wearing some this holiday season) I wanted to write a little post on another look I styled for the holiday season that brings out a little something different into your wardrobe.

For this look – I took a statement blazer, with over sized sleeve detailing, and paired it with a simple fitted jean. To take this look from Happy Hour to holiday, I added some extra fun holiday jewels from Kendra Scott’s winter line. I topped (or bottomed) out the look with these hand-strassed Christian Louboutin shoes I wore for my wedding (SEE hubs, I told you I’d wear them again). Whether you go with a simpler heel or not, the overall look screams holiday, while still being something slightly different from the usual selection of sequined dresses (again – I still love sequin dresses… :P).

If you’re looking for something new to try this season, here are a couple of alternates I like that accomplish the same look:

Blazers (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Earrings (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Necklaces (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Shoes (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)


Ways to Wear: the Harness

How to Wear an Edgy Accessory: the Harness

From Day to Play, Casual Cool

Top (White, Black) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3) | Jeans | Boots

Date Night Done Right

Dress (sold out) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3) | Boots

Post-Work Happy Hour Quick Change 

Top (White, Black) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3) | Pants

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you have probably picked up that I have an eye for the edgier pieces of clothing. I absolutely LOVE taking something unique or a bit out there and trying to figure out how to make it wearable (at least enough for me).

Harnesses are a fun trend that have come in and out the past year or so and I love what they do for an outfit. I particularly like pairing them with something less expected – something feminine that will help soften the harsher elements of the accessory.

When I first wore this, I chose a more feminine dress like the one pictured above and I was met with surprise from a friend who had thought you could really only wear a look like this with something like a t-shirt. It’s true that you can, and that’s one great way to wear them, but it surprisingly enough isn’t the only way a piece like this works.

The most important thing to remember is the neckline – the fuller your bust, the higher you want it to be to avoid treading into bondage territory (unless that’s your thing in which case you go for it girl). The other thing that helps is going for a fitted style so the harness doesn’t bunch or pull on the top. Lastly, I would try to pair with something soft and feminine as mentioned above to keep from going overboard on the look!

It’s fun to wear something unexpected, especially if you know you have the confidence to pull it off!

Feeling Thankful

Saying Thanks

Top | Jeans | Boots | Bag (similar) | Earrings | Ring | Harness (Alternates: 1, 2)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Since I’ve been married, it seems to have just been one thing after another. Catching up on work, doctor’s appointments, and life in general has proved to be even harder than I had anticipated, and I’ve really had to lean on my new husband to get through it all.

It’s days like these, starting our first holiday season off as a family, that I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, and the number one reason that’s true, is because he’s my true partner. He’s strong when I’m not, he’s there for me when I need him and he does all these things trusting that I’ll do the same for him when he needs it. I love having that safety and security and all from someone I respect more than I can put into words (especially a few short ones in a blog post ;)).

He also does an amazing job of reminding me that I should be thankful. It can be quite hard, when caught up with life and it’s demands, resulting in a feeling of never being good enough. This is especially true in today’s age, where it’s so easy to see what other people are doing, what they have that you don’t, how much better looking they are, or how much more they travel. But at the end of the day, I am so lucky – having my husband would be lucky enough alone, but even the fact that we’re all here, and breathing, and living, is something we should all spend more time being thankful for.

Annndddddd let’s be honest, I’m thankful AF for these jeans that me look bomb even three servings of stuffing in, these boots that make me feel like a true bad@$$ babe, and this harness which is the perfect mix of weird and super f*ing awesome (more to come on this accessory and how to rock the trend soon!)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, and taking time, despite whatever hardships are going on, to be thankful for the things they do have – rather than worrying about the things they don’t. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography

Fall Feelz

Fall Feelz Top (my print sold out – alternate on sale here!) | Jeans (on sale!) | Bag | Shoes

I’m a summer baby and I’ve always loved the summer months, but fall fashion has always been the one thing that makes me feel better about the transition out of summer.

Being a new Texas resident (this will be my second fall here), I am still getting used to how long the heat carries through even the year’s later months. However, late September and October do *begin* to bring the cooler nights, allowing me to bring out the jeans and long sleeves. As much as I love summer style – there’s nothing like cool weather to allow for a little more creativity in pairing and styling pieces together. I especially love that time of year where it’s cool enough for more covered-clothing, but still warm enough that you don’t have to be covered from head to to!

I personally think there’s nothing sexier than taking a jean and adding some edge to the full look – here I used these edgy Valentino Rockstud heels and a loose-fitting crop – which leads to a sleek, stylish, streamlined look that’s perfect for the transition into fall. Though I’ll always be the girl who loves her summers… it’s outfits like this one that remind me why fall is one of the most fashionable seasons of the year!

A little Sweet a little Street

Top | Skirt | Bag (sold out – similar here)| Shoes (sold out – similar here)

As fall fast approaches, one of my favorite ways to transition into cooler months is to pair some of my softer, more summery pieces with edgier fall-ready accessories (I think a bag is the easiest way to accomplish this trend). For this look I took this lovely polka dot set by Alexis (also feeling like polka dots is the new gingham so be on the look out for more of this print to pop up) – and paired it with this edgy Valentino bag (that I’ve been lusting over forEVER and finally found on sale).

A few of my other favorite combos for the trend are listed below:

  1. Lovers + Friends Pant Set (Top | Bottom) with this Bag

  2. Auguste (x Revolve) maxi dress with this Bag

  3. House of Harlow Gwen Culotte Set *comes in two colors! (Top | Bottom) with this Bag

  4. Free People Mini Dress with this Bag

  5. Clayton Skirt + Indah Top with this Bag


Designer Mini-Spot: Kendra Scott’s New Look for Fall


Earrings| Necklace | Ring | Top | Jeans (styled by Stylend) |  Bag (sold out) | Shoes

In between my regular “Designer Spotlight” features, I may occasionally do mini spots, shorter pieces on some designers whose recent lines or latest moves I’m impressed by. This week – it’s Kendra Scott, and the reason is her new fall line.

I should say that my first favorite thing about Kendra is that she’s the perfect example of a #bossbabe and is a true inspiration for ambitious women everywhere. Her line has long been a local favorite for Austinites. Characterized by her signature shapes and stones, you can spot Kendra Scott in almost everyone’s closet out here in ATX. Lately, however, what I’m most impressed by is Kendra’s ability to keep her signature touches (styles are always in several metal and stone selections and have a simplicity and classic feel), but add new and edgy pieces that give us gals a reason to keep coming back for me.

Kendra launched her fall line this past week and I have to say I am not only impressed, but obsessed. It’s all inspired by Italy, my absolute favorite country, and she does such an excellent job of combining her style with the things that make that country special – the rich tones, elegance and glamour are all a perfect homage to the country and what has long made it one of the most beautiful and historic places in the world.

The jewel selection is perfect for falls trending colors (she brought back more of last year’s bordeaux which I love but added a beautiful green Jasper and a “Crushed Gold Mica” that is a beautiful mix of gold and copper, perfect for fall and reminiscent of the shades leaves turn when they change color (or what Kendra describes as the way gold coins look at the bottom of a fountain – SIGH, love this and totally brings me back to my time in Rome). I honestly don’t think I’m even close to done shopping this collection and can’t wait to wear more!

Below are some of my favorite picks from the collection; some I have and some are on my wishlist, but either way I recommend you grab a few to get your fall lookbook started; I also added my color recs in each, but I truly love all the combos Kendra came up with this season:

1. Annora Lariat Necklace (color rec: Green Ocean Jasper) *love how many ways this can be worn!

2. Clarissa Ear Climbers (color rec: Black Granite Mix) *ear climbers are my FAVE and these are so cool

3. Blithe Cocktail Ring (color rec: Bordeaux) *fun statement ring and edgier piece for Kendra’s typical style

4. Blossom Earring (color rec: ALL – literally I want them all) *such a great take on the fringe trend – obsessed with these.

5. Gigi Ear Jacket (color rec: Black Granite) *love the shape of the stone – so architectural

6Willow Choker Necklace (color rec: Crushed Gold Mica) *the incorporation of the leather in the band of the necklace is to DIE for

7. Honor Stud Earrings (color rec: Crystal Gray Illusion) *excellent twist on the classic Kendra stud!)

8. Heidi Choker Necklace (color rec: Rose Gold) *such a unique take on a choker – haven’t seen anything like it!

9. Misty Hinge Bracelet (color rec: Ivory Illusion) *simple, but sexy statement bracelet that will go with everything

10. Libby Statement Earring (color rec: Crushed Gold Mica)

La Mode de Parisienne – Paris Style Recap

Sightseeing in the City 


Top | Skirt | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Bag (alternate colors) | Necklace

The first thing we did, as most do, is go and see the many sights of Paris. We’d both been before, but I wanted to revisit Montmartre with one of the most spectacular views of the city. Because we wanted to both be able to hike up to the famous Sacre Couer as well – I wanted to be able to wear sneakers. I did NOT, however want to give up looking Par-ee-chic so I decided to embrace what I’m calling the “sneakers and sweet” trend and pair my favorite Supergas with a tulle skirt and off the shoulder Keepsake crop blouse. Both were lightweight which also made it easy to move around despite the heat!

Scenic Boat Ride on the Seine

Dress | Bralette | Shoes | Bag

The weather was warm and I wanted something that could transition from day to night but still felt consistent with the essence of Paris. This dress by Privacy Please in its classic blue and white stripe print was perfect to mirror the spirt of Paris (perfect for a boat ride on the cruise line we selected – the Yacht de Paris). I happen to be someone who is bustier, but was able to pair the dress with a bralette that complimented the dress but still kept me secure (pro tip for you bustier ladies with these trendy low cut necklines). I also wanted shoes that were dressy (the attire was semi-formal on the boat) but still comfortable and these Raye heels I just purchased were PERFECT – not to mention the suede strappy ties make them so comfortable on feet that have been put to the test through the streets of Paris! The hat also made for the perfect accessory – it tied the whole look together while still lending to the Parisienne feel of the look (even the captain complimented me ;P).

Venturing to Versailles

Dress | HatBag | Shoes | Earrings

I knew heading to Versailles that my favorite part of the estate is the gardens which was where I would spend most of my day. I wanted to wear flats while still echoing the regal and floral feel of the large gardens, so I chose this incredible tiered maxi by Reformation. I grabbed the same hat I wore to dinner (clever packing on my part) to keep the sun off my face during the day (which has become ever more important in my thirties #sadface). This amazing box clutch was also light enough to take me through the day easily, while still holding all of my necessary pieces (including my shades).

Date Night and Fine Dining


Dress | Sunglasses | Bag

Saving the best for last. One of my favorite things about Paris… you can never be overdressed. I have been dying for a reason to wear this beautiful gown by Lurelly. On top of being beautiful, red roses are my favorite symbol of feminine beauty and strength and have been a recurring theme in my life (Beauty and the Beast is still my favorite movie – the original – and what a coincidence since Belle was French…;)).  I wore this outfit to date night which started with a tour-of-THE-tour-Eiffel followed by night at Epicure restaurant at Le Bristol. The meal was amazing by the way – a true example of the service and food you’d expect from a three Michelin star, and the perfect way to wrap an amazing three days in Paris.

Unfortunately I now have to get back to reality, but hopefully this transported you to Paris… even if only briefly… au revoir!


Get the London Look – London Fashion Recap

Get the London Look

Well I wanted to get this piece up for you all sooner, but due to limited Wifi, traveling to three different cities and working like crazy, I couldn’t get this out until now. Nevertheless, I wanted to share how I styled three different looks that translated my style into the London scene effortlessly in three completely separate scenarios. (I even got quite a few compliments from real Londoners – which convinces me I wasn’t totally off!)

Dress | Top | Shoes | Bag

The first look I styled was a work look. I had brought both of these pieces separately and after running out of complete outfits I combined two pieces typically only appropriate for weekend wear into one work-appropriate dress. The top is by The Reformation and the dress is Lovers + Friends.

My fiance had gotten me this bag to take with me as a present just before the trip (quite unlike him – but he wanted me to have something new to blog about… I know, I know – I’m so lucky!). I love navy accessories – and when worn correctly, they can make a great neutral. Here, the bag worked perfectly with the neutral rust of the dress and ivory of the top. My Proenza PS1 (tiny) is from a previous season but this navy one is similar, and if you’re looking for something more truly neutral it also comes in this beige color.

Dress | Bag | Shoes | Watch | Sunglasses | Earrings

Next, for day-time weekend activities – I chose this splurge Alexis dress. This dress took me from the Kensington gardens, to tea at the Goring and was even appropriate for the Chesterton’s polo match (which was a surprise bonus event we discovered during the weekend).

Because we were bopping about to so many places, I chose these comfortable superga white sneaks. Because my shoes were so casual, I was able to balance the look with Dannijo earrings and my favorite Prada bag of the season. I also wore my new favorite pair of Krewe sunglasses (which go with everything – love!)

Top | Pants | Shoes | Bag | Watch | Sunglasses 

My last look took me out on the town. Luckily for me, one of my good girlfriends also works with me AND also happened to be traveling for work to our London office at the same time as me. While the week kept us busy, the weekend gave us some time to get out and about and enjoy London nightlife.


We both noticed wide leg pants as one of the noticeable trends currently hitting the streets in London. I decided to do a spin on that look with these wide leg split pants by Cleobella. These pants are lightweight and at first sight I imagined them to be better beach wear than club wear, but paired with these edgier Zhivago top, they made the perfect girls night out-fit.

I wanted shoes that were dressy enough to pair with the outfit, but also manageable over cobblestones so I brought these Raye heels with me. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own – the suede straps are soft and stretchy and so comfortable on my feet. Not too much the combination of the black of the black suede and casual rope detailing make them perfect for a multitude of occasions. I topped off this look with my go to Saint Laurent blogger bag (how apropos) and headed out for my night out in Chelsea… (the rest… well you’ll just have to ask me if you want those details…;) ).

Well that’s a wrap on London until next time…. see you in Paris!

Pinstripe Perfection

     I knew when I saw this Reformation Jumpsuit I HAD to have it. I know – I say that a lot – I think I must interpret the word “need” differently than most people… but I digress.

There are so many amazing striped jumpsuits out this season (see these links here (Lovers + Friends on sale for $139!), here (more casual Tori Praver style for $163), here (adorable and under $50) and here (Michael Kors – under $100 on sale; if they don’t have your size try the official site and see if they’ll price match :D), or the shop the post link below for some more of my faves!), and I love how flattering they are. The vertical stripes create an elongated look (which I need, given that all 5’3.5″ of me isn’t exactly model height…

My favorite thing about this jumpsuit is the way the pattern makes it so easy to pair with other fun prints, like this dot scarf by For Love & Lemons (only $32!). I also love the open strappy back, which makes it cool enough to wear on some of the hotter summer nights Austin has fast approaching!

I wore this with my summer hat of choice – the Janessa Leone Klint hat (alternate options here and here AND this super awesome packable version here; that’s right it COLLAPSES so you can easily take it on trips!). I also threw on these brand new Schutz cork heels, available in natural cork, black and nude (OBSESSED with this brand; can’t stop wearing them), that went perfectly with the hat and overall vibe of the outfit. And of course, wore my Sancia Milla Jetset mini bag I hardly leave home without.

This same jumpsuit could easily be transitioned to night by the way with a pair of strappy black sandals (High, Mid, Mid-Low pricepoints), choker pendant and dressier clutch.

Derby Day Divine

So I’m not at the ACTUAL Kentucky Derby this weekend but I wanted to do a Derby Day post in honor of what I WOULD be wearing if I was there (…well almost; last time I did wear a legit 18″ custom made Derby hat; I’ll need to post another one on that hat next time I make it to the actual races!)

I stumbled across this Keepsake the Label maxi and instantly fell in love. The halter design and statement sleeves combined with the classic polka dot print make this piece “timeless with a twist” and it may be one of my favorite little go-to brunch dresses (ok, maybe not exactly “go-to”, but go-to in the sense that I need to find some badass brunch to “go-to” where I can wear something this awesome). The dress is sold out but the print is still available in the tank and skirt, or in the black version (top here, skirt here, spaghetti strap dress here, and tube dress here.)

I styled it with these Tory Burch pumps (available now in this to DIE for blue [wish I’d seen that when I got mine!] and on sale on Zappos).

I also grabbed my Nina Beranato horse hair earrings to edge up the look… these go with a surprising amount of styles, and they’re super high quality. 

I threw on this hat I’ve probably worn almost every day since I bought it by Janessa Leone as a pseudo-replacement for a true Derby hat. It’s cute enough that it doesn’t matter if it’s not the real thing! It’s almost sold out, but there are alternate options here and here AND this super awesome packable version here (that’s right it COLLAPSES so you can easily take it on trips!)

Hope this helps you celebrate the year’s biggest horse race (mainly due to it’s emphasis on fashion) in style… and if you haven’t been, hopefully it inspires you to go!