Ready for Romance

On our way … and feeling all the love-vibes     

Top (Alternates: 1, 2) | Skirt | Shoes | Earrings | Necklace | Ring | Bag

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

We are now officially on our way to paradise – and I couldn’t be more excited. We decided to wait to take our honeymoon, and while hard at times, I think it helped us amp up more excitement for the getaway the wedding far behind us. (Not to mention with this year and how hectic our day jobs have been, I don’t think we could have done it sooner!)

While I’m going to try to limit internet and social media interactions to a minimum while on our honeymoon, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from me about the trip and my fashion choices as we tour a part of the world neither of us have been to! We’re heading to Bangkok, Sumba, Seminyak & Ubud (as long as Mt Agung holds for us!), and Hong Kong and I’ll be documenting all my style choices for visiting these beautiful cities!

Just before leaving I shot this outfit and decided it screamed so much of romance I had to bring it with us on the trip, and wanted to give you all a little something before we head (mostly) off the grid! The red roses, the delicate tulle, the fun fringe detailing on these shoes – all speak to running away somewhere romantic with someone near and dear to you, so I thought it was the perfect piece to share before we head off to enjoy newly wedded bliss. Hope during this lovely season, you all are spending the time with those you love as well. Happy Holidays!

Go Bold – Printed Pant Perfection

Dare to Wear – Bold Pants

Pants (Sold Outshop the post below for other bold styles I’m digging!) | Top | BootsBag (similar)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Welcome to my new favorite trend – bold pieces of clothing. From statement sleeves to fashion-forward footwear to patterned pants, more is more these days. I love that fashion is allowing for more vibrant choices, letting people express themselves more loudly than before. However, even with more being more, it is still important to keep in mind that pairing is key with bolder prints and textiles.

Here, I took these (OMG-to-die-for-amazing) pants by one of my faves, Alexis, and paired them with a simple black turtleneck. This look could be taken up a notch with these gold boots I have pictured, which work despite their bold design because of the way the gold compliments the feel of the print. The pants could just as easily be paired with simple black (or my favorite, this season’s bordeaux) pumps.

These pants may be too wild for you, but I think regardless of your personal preference, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to take risks, and not spend too much time worrying whether or not you can “pull it off” – it’s all in the confidence. #daretowear

Here are a few of my faves:

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography

A “Something Different” Way to Holiday

Do Something Different for the Holiday 

Blazer | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Ring | Heels (Silver Glitter, White Glitter, mine are hand-strassed)

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

If you follow me, by now you most definitely know I like to encourage people to do “something different” and step outside of their comfort zone. I hate when people feel like they can’t step out of the box because they “can’t pull” something off. I think you can pull off anything that makes you feel good as long as you’re confident (well almost anything, there are times I have to tell myself to put away the hooker shoes, or dress made entirely of rainbow sequins – it’s the JewTalian in me really that is to blame my love for the gaudy…).

While I LOVE me a sparkly dress or mini skirt (and believe me I’ll be wearing some this holiday season) I wanted to write a little post on another look I styled for the holiday season that brings out a little something different into your wardrobe.

For this look – I took a statement blazer, with over sized sleeve detailing, and paired it with a simple fitted jean. To take this look from Happy Hour to holiday, I added some extra fun holiday jewels from Kendra Scott’s winter line. I topped (or bottomed) out the look with these hand-strassed Christian Louboutin shoes I wore for my wedding (SEE hubs, I told you I’d wear them again). Whether you go with a simpler heel or not, the overall look screams holiday, while still being something slightly different from the usual selection of sequined dresses (again – I still love sequin dresses… :P).

If you’re looking for something new to try this season, here are a couple of alternates I like that accomplish the same look:

Blazers (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Earrings (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Necklaces (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

Shoes (One | Two | Three | Four | Five)

When an Outfit Moves You

…. And This Dress Definitely Does…

Dress (Sold out – alternates below) | Shoes (also in Silver and Black) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

One of my favorite things about fashion, is the way you feel when you wear a certain outfit. And to me, one of the most noticeable feelings is when you’re wearing something that actually creates movement in the way that it is designed. Whether it’s a flowing skirt, or in this case a fringe detail, I love pieces that create a rhythm when you wear them just by the way they move when on you.

My dress is sold out (though you can occasionally find on eBay or other re-listing sites – it’s the Alice McCall “Are You Ready Girl” dress/romper – mine is Amber, but it came in red, black and a few pastels at one point too – if you go that route – happy hunting!!), but below are some of the pieces out right now that I’m crushing on for the free-flowing textiles and structure that help to create movement:

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Date Night Done Right

With Tularosa & BlankNYC     Top | Jeans | Bag (Sold Out) | Shoes

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

This look was perfect for a fall weather date night I had the other night (not that we’re getting too much fall weather here, but still! The detail on these jeans HAS to be shown off (the lace up and they actually lace!), so they’re best when paired with a crop or tucked in top. I also love the way this top so cleverly pairs plaid and embroidered flowers make for such an interesting detail. This is definitely a look that will be seeing a lot of wear this season!

Ways to Wear: the Harness

How to Wear an Edgy Accessory: the Harness

From Day to Play, Casual Cool

Top (White, Black) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3) | Jeans | Boots

Date Night Done Right

Dress (sold out) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3) | Boots

Post-Work Happy Hour Quick Change 

Top (White, Black) | Harness (alternates: same, but white – 1, black –  2, 3) | Pants

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you have probably picked up that I have an eye for the edgier pieces of clothing. I absolutely LOVE taking something unique or a bit out there and trying to figure out how to make it wearable (at least enough for me).

Harnesses are a fun trend that have come in and out the past year or so and I love what they do for an outfit. I particularly like pairing them with something less expected – something feminine that will help soften the harsher elements of the accessory.

When I first wore this, I chose a more feminine dress like the one pictured above and I was met with surprise from a friend who had thought you could really only wear a look like this with something like a t-shirt. It’s true that you can, and that’s one great way to wear them, but it surprisingly enough isn’t the only way a piece like this works.

The most important thing to remember is the neckline – the fuller your bust, the higher you want it to be to avoid treading into bondage territory (unless that’s your thing in which case you go for it girl). The other thing that helps is going for a fitted style so the harness doesn’t bunch or pull on the top. Lastly, I would try to pair with something soft and feminine as mentioned above to keep from going overboard on the look!

It’s fun to wear something unexpected, especially if you know you have the confidence to pull it off!

Trend I’m Crushing On: Sheer Shoes

Bare-All Booties and More…

Top (also in black) | Skirt | Shoes (also in Silver and Black)| Bag

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

You all know I love when people #daretowear #somethingdifferent – and one of my favorite trends is the sheer shoe-wear people are rocking these days. And this particular trend – isn’t even that hard to rock. I mean they’re clear, clear matches everything right?

You can wear them with jeans but I like the way they lengthen the leg with a mini skirt, particularly if they’re a bootie (as you have to be extremely particular when pairing a pant that goes inside the actual boot). Here, I’ve paired mine with a fun (also trending) metallic leather mini and a t-shirt to keep the look casual. Now that it’s (finally) starting to get colder, this same look could be paired with a neutral leather jacket or (my personal preference) some fabulous fur (faux or faux real – depending on your personal beliefs ;)).

I love how this trend also helps create the perfect transition into fall (which is still taking quite a bit of time for us in Texas). Below are links to some of my fave styles, at varying price points – enjoy!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six 


Make the Best out of Your Black Friday

It is undeniable – November is probably the best month to shop all year – fall collections are out and in full force (and if you’re in Texas it’s finally starting to cool down (kindof) to wear them!), winter and all of its sparkly glory starts to hit the sites, and yes, of course, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday which for most places is actually a full blown week of sales.

To me though, I think the best way to shop Black Friday – is to prepare in advance. It’s easy to spend needless money on a day like Black Friday (and GURL you best believe I am preaching to my very own choir right now). “But it’s 90% off!” “But do you really need a-NOTHER pair of black boots? Or 7 leather skirts? Or another ‘New Years Dress’ option when you have 5 sitting in your closet?” TBH – when I’m having this same battle with myself in the face of 90% off… I usually lose. Well responsible me loses and the super cute but never-has-enough-savings version of me winnnnssssss (if you can call that winning).

But I find one of the best ways to tackle this problem prior to a big sale day like the-biggest-and-baddest sale-weekend-of-the-year. The best way to approach the day is to pick the things you know you really need or want to get (whether they were on sale or not) and then try to figure out how to get those things for the best price. Whether it’s a new fur (or faux for you animal lovers ;)) coat, or this specific pair of shoes, or a particular designer brand of jeans, follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your Black Friday.

1. Try to list out all the things you want

  • Whether you know the exact brand, make and model, and have a link to the goods, or just know you need a specific type of thing, a list helps you focus on the things you really want(/need – I’m definitely calling fun faux fur print coats a need for this season).

2. Google is your friend

  • Once you know what you want, and especially once you’ve determined the exact name and style number – USE google; find the retailer who has the best price and the best sale (more on how to determine this in step three) and buy from them before clicking on the first seemingly-good-discount you encounter

3. Don’t be afraid to ask (/haggle/beg etc.)

  • Once you’ve found  a few options, don’t be afraid to ask for a price match if you’re between two and one has better shipping or customer service or the size you want, yada yada.
  • ALSO, if you’re doing research in advance, don’t hesitate to straight up ASK them if they’re going to be putting the item you want on sale, or having a sale generally. If they can’t tell you or aren’t sure – ASK again if they price match themselves within a period of time. Will they honor the discount on anything you’ve bought in the past 30 days? If so you’ve got some leeway.

4. Pre-order can be a thing – don’t compete!

  • You CAN sometimes pre-order, buy in advance, or reserve/hold items from some retailers to be sure you aren’t competing with every other bee-ya who is going to go stealing that bag you had your eyes on (which can cause real grief – I missed out on a limited edition dress recently and shed real human tears; not my proudest moment).
  • Again – ask them – if you know you want to buy something regardless of the price, BUT you want to get the best deal, ask if they’ll price match if the item goes on sale over the weekend. That way you know you have it and you can still get refunded if you find out there was a better deal waiting for you.

I find being smart about how you shop enables you to extend that wallet so much further (and this is something I’m all too familiar with having to do). Good luck and happy shopping ladies!!

Feeling Thankful

Saying Thanks

Top | Jeans | Boots | Bag (similar) | Earrings | Ring | Harness (Alternates: 1, 2)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Since I’ve been married, it seems to have just been one thing after another. Catching up on work, doctor’s appointments, and life in general has proved to be even harder than I had anticipated, and I’ve really had to lean on my new husband to get through it all.

It’s days like these, starting our first holiday season off as a family, that I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, and the number one reason that’s true, is because he’s my true partner. He’s strong when I’m not, he’s there for me when I need him and he does all these things trusting that I’ll do the same for him when he needs it. I love having that safety and security and all from someone I respect more than I can put into words (especially a few short ones in a blog post ;)).

He also does an amazing job of reminding me that I should be thankful. It can be quite hard, when caught up with life and it’s demands, resulting in a feeling of never being good enough. This is especially true in today’s age, where it’s so easy to see what other people are doing, what they have that you don’t, how much better looking they are, or how much more they travel. But at the end of the day, I am so lucky – having my husband would be lucky enough alone, but even the fact that we’re all here, and breathing, and living, is something we should all spend more time being thankful for.

Annndddddd let’s be honest, I’m thankful AF for these jeans that me look bomb even three servings of stuffing in, these boots that make me feel like a true bad@$$ babe, and this harness which is the perfect mix of weird and super f*ing awesome (more to come on this accessory and how to rock the trend soon!)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, and taking time, despite whatever hardships are going on, to be thankful for the things they do have – rather than worrying about the things they don’t. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography

Designer Spotlight: Alexis

Top | Pants | Bag (sold out – more Valentino deals here) | Shoes

Top | Skirt | Bag (sold out – similar here)| Shoes (sold out – similar here)


Dress (now on sale!)| Bag | Shoes | Watch | Sunglasses | Earrings

Top | Pants (sold out) | Boots | Bag | Ring | Earrings

Jumpsuit | Shoes (sold out – similar) | Cuff 

Honestly… it’s surprising it has taken me this long to write about Alexis, as this designer pretty much tops my list time and time again. When I can afford her, I basically do everything I can to snap up all of her pieces.

There is an incredibly unique sense of sophisticated-meets-sensual-meets completely and utterly feminine that only this mother-daughter duo can. The modern, yet vintage feel of the pieces, and effortlessly chic silhouettes create a powerful feel for all women who dare to wear their looks. From work to weddings to happy hour to date nights – I love the way these pieces transition for occasions yet always have me feeling like I’m the best-dressed in the room.

I cannot wait to see what the pair comes up with next… though I know my bank could use a break… ;P