About Me (or you or us…)

I’ve always been a huge lover of style and fashion. I know as a woman, that’s generally something that is “expected” of me – just another “chick who likes to shop right?”
But my love for style goes beyond that. I see men rolling their eyes everywhere, but I’m serious.

I’m genuinely and sincerely passionate about expression through clothing; about the power style has to transform you into whatever the f*ck you feel like being that day. (And yes, I just used F*ck and no, I’m not even a little bit apologetic for that).

I’ve been hesitant to write a fashion blog because I didn’t want to be just another girl who “likes clothes,” but upon further thought I realized that writing and sharing my own style choices really would be the best way to share my passion with others, and to hopefully inspire them to be passionate about their style as well.

Once I decided I was going to write, I knew I needed to figure out what my message would be. I talked to so many who told me I need to find myself, my brand, my “category” – who is my demo? what brands do I want to display? and even what color palette resonates with me (really I have to pick only a few colors!?!)?

To be completely transparent, I had a lot of trouble with this at first; I felt like someone was trying to put me into a box.

Because I am not just one demo, one color, one brand… I’m whatever I want to be, whenever the f*ck I want to be it (there I go again).

I used to live in San Francisco… and while there I was a techie at work, I was a socialite on the weekends. Now I live in Austin and I’m a hipster on Rainey, or a club queen on west 6th. And honestly, sometimes I’m just a basic b*tch (See me, Coachella circa 2013).

I like to dress whatever part I feel like playing, whatever role is (or even isn’t) relevant to where i am. At brunch, I’m a Charlotte, on date night I’m a Carrie, on Saturday nights I’m a Samantha, and at work I’m a Miranda (Ok, no one ever really wants to be a Miranda, but you get my point).

So all of this is to say, that it was this realization, that my “brand” is instead the feeling to be … not a brand, but a collection of things, and the spirit and passion to continue to be whatever I want to be, whenever I want to be it, that inspired my blog.

I write not for the mother, the sorority girl, the professional, the eccentric, but for the women who is now, was, will be, or even wants to be, all of these women. The woman who, like me, is truly their own, uninhibited, unbridled, … unbranded soul.

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