Ubud: Eat, Pray… Eat Some More

Local Flavor @ LocavoreSwimsuit/Bodysuit | Skirt | Earrings | Necklace | Ring | Shoes

Exploring @ Pura Tirta Empul

Dress (Alternates in the same print: 1, 2, 3) | Sunglasses | Shoes

Shopping @ Downtown Ubud

Top | Skirt | Sunglasses | Ear Cuff | Choker | Cuff | Shoes

   Dress (Alternates: 1, 2, 3) | Earrings | Shoes

Ubud, for us, definitely lived up to its reputation for being full of spirituality and culture. Staying in the jungle of Ubud was a perfect interlude, falling perfectly in the middle of our trip to keep us centered and remind us why it’s so important to check out and get back to basics, even if just for a moment.

You can truly see how important spirituality is for everyone – not just in the beautiful temples where the locals spend a good amount of their time, but in everything they do. From the way they approach life with constant laughter and a smile on their face, to the numerous offerings spread throughout the city, the relationship with something greater is evident.

We tried to fully embrace this piece of the city, from anti-gravity yoga, to meditation sessions and even engaging in individual chakra cleansings, we got to experience the unique and special “something different” way of life that only the balinese can truly offer.

I was even more surprised to experience how amazing the food culture here is. We dined at Locavore, Mozaic and a local more “touristy” destination, Bridges. And none of the three failed to disappoint at all; from service to cuisine everything about each experience was exceptional. We were far and away most impressed by Locavore’s dining experience, however. They feature modern takes to local Indonesian cuisine, and we were wowed by every bite. In addition to the full 8 course menu we selected, we were also greeted by numerous (I think 5 or 6) complimentary bites before and in between and each was as incredible as the items on the menu. We also tried the beverage pairing which, unlike most restaurants, was composed of cocktails instead of wine. They did an incredible job at this unique approach to pairing and we loved every single option.

Overall, Ubud overwhelmed us with culture and we were amazed by this little city in the jungle.

Up next? Ringing in the new year in Seminyak…

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