Make the Best out of Your Black Friday

It is undeniable – November is probably the best month to shop all year – fall collections are out and in full force (and if you’re in Texas it’s finally starting to cool down (kindof) to wear them!), winter and all of its sparkly glory starts to hit the sites, and yes, of course, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday which for most places is actually a full blown week of sales.

To me though, I think the best way to shop Black Friday – is to prepare in advance. It’s easy to spend needless money on a day like Black Friday (and GURL you best believe I am preaching to my very own choir right now). “But it’s 90% off!” “But do you really need a-NOTHER pair of black boots? Or 7 leather skirts? Or another ‘New Years Dress’ option when you have 5 sitting in your closet?” TBH – when I’m having this same battle with myself in the face of 90% off… I usually lose. Well responsible me loses and the super cute but never-has-enough-savings version of me winnnnssssss (if you can call that winning).

But I find one of the best ways to tackle this problem prior to a big sale day like the-biggest-and-baddest sale-weekend-of-the-year. The best way to approach the day is to pick the things you know you really need or want to get (whether they were on sale or not) and then try to figure out how to get those things for the best price. Whether it’s a new fur (or faux for you animal lovers ;)) coat, or this specific pair of shoes, or a particular designer brand of jeans, follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your Black Friday.

1. Try to list out all the things you want

  • Whether you know the exact brand, make and model, and have a link to the goods, or just know you need a specific type of thing, a list helps you focus on the things you really want(/need – I’m definitely calling fun faux fur print coats a need for this season).

2. Google is your friend

  • Once you know what you want, and especially once you’ve determined the exact name and style number – USE google; find the retailer who has the best price and the best sale (more on how to determine this in step three) and buy from them before clicking on the first seemingly-good-discount you encounter

3. Don’t be afraid to ask (/haggle/beg etc.)

  • Once you’ve found  a few options, don’t be afraid to ask for a price match if you’re between two and one has better shipping or customer service or the size you want, yada yada.
  • ALSO, if you’re doing research in advance, don’t hesitate to straight up ASK them if they’re going to be putting the item you want on sale, or having a sale generally. If they can’t tell you or aren’t sure – ASK again if they price match themselves within a period of time. Will they honor the discount on anything you’ve bought in the past 30 days? If so you’ve got some leeway.

4. Pre-order can be a thing – don’t compete!

  • You CAN sometimes pre-order, buy in advance, or reserve/hold items from some retailers to be sure you aren’t competing with every other bee-ya who is going to go stealing that bag you had your eyes on (which can cause real grief – I missed out on a limited edition dress recently and shed real human tears; not my proudest moment).
  • Again – ask them – if you know you want to buy something regardless of the price, BUT you want to get the best deal, ask if they’ll price match if the item goes on sale over the weekend. That way you know you have it and you can still get refunded if you find out there was a better deal waiting for you.

I find being smart about how you shop enables you to extend that wallet so much further (and this is something I’m all too familiar with having to do). Good luck and happy shopping ladies!!

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