The Un”Bridaled” Soul

I decided to do my post-wedding bridals for a few reasons, and one of the first was getting to work with one of my favorite local photographers – Carlos Barron. One of my favorite things about blogging, is getting to work with so many passionate people in the space. Carlos is one of the most passionate photographers I’ve met to date, you can tell in the way he shoots and speaks about his art, and it’s so refreshing to see!

Most of us fashion bloggers are told that the uniformity and consistency in the aesthetic of one’s feed is important. And while, I’m sure it’s true, it hasn’t been a rule I too strictly abide by. One of the biggest reasons is maintaining the integrity for the artists I work with; I love seeing how each of them choose to edit, the shots that are their favorites, the way they create an image. I think it’s important, while respecting your brand, to appreciate some of the nuances in the way these people present their art (and bloggers – if you don’t know, always tell a photographer what you’re looking for in advance from an aesthetic and editing perspective – they’re happy to help, but don’t appreciate it when you modify their art!)

Doing this shoot for my post-wedding bridals with Carlos was so fun and the venue (Pearl Snap Hall) was incredible to get to shoot at (see his post here). Part of the reason I took these photos was in preparation to say goodbye, as I begin to think about selling my dress (but there will be a separate article on that soon~ ;). For now, hope you enjoy these bridals!

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