Trend I’m Crushing On: Sheer Shoes

Bare-All Booties and More…

Top (also in black) | Skirt | Shoes (also in Silver and Black)| Bag

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

You all know I love when people #daretowear #somethingdifferent – and one of my favorite trends is the sheer shoe-wear people are rocking these days. And this particular trend – isn’t even that hard to rock. I mean they’re clear, clear matches everything right?

You can wear them with jeans but I like the way they lengthen the leg with a mini skirt, particularly if they’re a bootie (as you have to be extremely particular when pairing a pant that goes inside the actual boot). Here, I’ve paired mine with a fun (also trending) metallic leather mini and a t-shirt to keep the look casual. Now that it’s (finally) starting to get colder, this same look could be paired with a neutral leather jacket or (my personal preference) some fabulous fur (faux or faux real – depending on your personal beliefs ;)).

I love how this trend also helps create the perfect transition into fall (which is still taking quite a bit of time for us in Texas). Below are links to some of my fave styles, at varying price points – enjoy!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six 


Make the Best out of Your Black Friday

It is undeniable – November is probably the best month to shop all year – fall collections are out and in full force (and if you’re in Texas it’s finally starting to cool down (kindof) to wear them!), winter and all of its sparkly glory starts to hit the sites, and yes, of course, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday which for most places is actually a full blown week of sales.

To me though, I think the best way to shop Black Friday – is to prepare in advance. It’s easy to spend needless money on a day like Black Friday (and GURL you best believe I am preaching to my very own choir right now). “But it’s 90% off!” “But do you really need a-NOTHER pair of black boots? Or 7 leather skirts? Or another ‘New Years Dress’ option when you have 5 sitting in your closet?” TBH – when I’m having this same battle with myself in the face of 90% off… I usually lose. Well responsible me loses and the super cute but never-has-enough-savings version of me winnnnssssss (if you can call that winning).

But I find one of the best ways to tackle this problem prior to a big sale day like the-biggest-and-baddest sale-weekend-of-the-year. The best way to approach the day is to pick the things you know you really need or want to get (whether they were on sale or not) and then try to figure out how to get those things for the best price. Whether it’s a new fur (or faux for you animal lovers ;)) coat, or this specific pair of shoes, or a particular designer brand of jeans, follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your Black Friday.

1. Try to list out all the things you want

  • Whether you know the exact brand, make and model, and have a link to the goods, or just know you need a specific type of thing, a list helps you focus on the things you really want(/need – I’m definitely calling fun faux fur print coats a need for this season).

2. Google is your friend

  • Once you know what you want, and especially once you’ve determined the exact name and style number – USE google; find the retailer who has the best price and the best sale (more on how to determine this in step three) and buy from them before clicking on the first seemingly-good-discount you encounter

3. Don’t be afraid to ask (/haggle/beg etc.)

  • Once you’ve found  a few options, don’t be afraid to ask for a price match if you’re between two and one has better shipping or customer service or the size you want, yada yada.
  • ALSO, if you’re doing research in advance, don’t hesitate to straight up ASK them if they’re going to be putting the item you want on sale, or having a sale generally. If they can’t tell you or aren’t sure – ASK again if they price match themselves within a period of time. Will they honor the discount on anything you’ve bought in the past 30 days? If so you’ve got some leeway.

4. Pre-order can be a thing – don’t compete!

  • You CAN sometimes pre-order, buy in advance, or reserve/hold items from some retailers to be sure you aren’t competing with every other bee-ya who is going to go stealing that bag you had your eyes on (which can cause real grief – I missed out on a limited edition dress recently and shed real human tears; not my proudest moment).
  • Again – ask them – if you know you want to buy something regardless of the price, BUT you want to get the best deal, ask if they’ll price match if the item goes on sale over the weekend. That way you know you have it and you can still get refunded if you find out there was a better deal waiting for you.

I find being smart about how you shop enables you to extend that wallet so much further (and this is something I’m all too familiar with having to do). Good luck and happy shopping ladies!!

Feeling Thankful

Saying Thanks

Top | Jeans | Boots | Bag (similar) | Earrings | Ring | Harness (Alternates: 1, 2)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Since I’ve been married, it seems to have just been one thing after another. Catching up on work, doctor’s appointments, and life in general has proved to be even harder than I had anticipated, and I’ve really had to lean on my new husband to get through it all.

It’s days like these, starting our first holiday season off as a family, that I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, and the number one reason that’s true, is because he’s my true partner. He’s strong when I’m not, he’s there for me when I need him and he does all these things trusting that I’ll do the same for him when he needs it. I love having that safety and security and all from someone I respect more than I can put into words (especially a few short ones in a blog post ;)).

He also does an amazing job of reminding me that I should be thankful. It can be quite hard, when caught up with life and it’s demands, resulting in a feeling of never being good enough. This is especially true in today’s age, where it’s so easy to see what other people are doing, what they have that you don’t, how much better looking they are, or how much more they travel. But at the end of the day, I am so lucky – having my husband would be lucky enough alone, but even the fact that we’re all here, and breathing, and living, is something we should all spend more time being thankful for.

Annndddddd let’s be honest, I’m thankful AF for these jeans that me look bomb even three servings of stuffing in, these boots that make me feel like a true bad@$$ babe, and this harness which is the perfect mix of weird and super f*ing awesome (more to come on this accessory and how to rock the trend soon!)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, and taking time, despite whatever hardships are going on, to be thankful for the things they do have – rather than worrying about the things they don’t. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography

Designer Spotlight: Alexis

Top | Pants | Bag (sold out – more Valentino deals here) | Shoes

Top | Skirt | Bag (sold out – similar here)| Shoes (sold out – similar here)


Dress (now on sale!)| Bag | Shoes | Watch | Sunglasses | Earrings

Top | Pants (sold out) | Boots | Bag | Ring | Earrings

Jumpsuit | Shoes (sold out – similar) | Cuff 

Honestly… it’s surprising it has taken me this long to write about Alexis, as this designer pretty much tops my list time and time again. When I can afford her, I basically do everything I can to snap up all of her pieces.

There is an incredibly unique sense of sophisticated-meets-sensual-meets completely and utterly feminine that only this mother-daughter duo can. The modern, yet vintage feel of the pieces, and effortlessly chic silhouettes create a powerful feel for all women who dare to wear their looks. From work to weddings to happy hour to date nights – I love the way these pieces transition for occasions yet always have me feeling like I’m the best-dressed in the room.

I cannot wait to see what the pair comes up with next… though I know my bank could use a break… ;P

The Un”Bridaled” Soul

I decided to do my post-wedding bridals for a few reasons, and one of the first was getting to work with one of my favorite local photographers – Carlos Barron. One of my favorite things about blogging, is getting to work with so many passionate people in the space. Carlos is one of the most passionate photographers I’ve met to date, you can tell in the way he shoots and speaks about his art, and it’s so refreshing to see!

Most of us fashion bloggers are told that the uniformity and consistency in the aesthetic of one’s feed is important. And while, I’m sure it’s true, it hasn’t been a rule I too strictly abide by. One of the biggest reasons is maintaining the integrity for the artists I work with; I love seeing how each of them choose to edit, the shots that are their favorites, the way they create an image. I think it’s important, while respecting your brand, to appreciate some of the nuances in the way these people present their art (and bloggers – if you don’t know, always tell a photographer what you’re looking for in advance from an aesthetic and editing perspective – they’re happy to help, but don’t appreciate it when you modify their art!)

Doing this shoot for my post-wedding bridals with Carlos was so fun and the venue (Pearl Snap Hall) was incredible to get to shoot at (see his post here). Part of the reason I took these photos was in preparation to say goodbye, as I begin to think about selling my dress (but there will be a separate article on that soon~ ;). For now, hope you enjoy these bridals!

Conquer your fears… and look good doing it… My Dreamforce Styleguide

 Ready to Take on the World (and/or Workday)

Top | Pants | Bag (sold out – more Valentino deals here) | Shoes

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

When asked to speak at this year’s Dreamforce conference, I knew I had to take the opportunity. It would be a great experience, great exposure for my #dayjob (#realjob… #onlyjobthatpaysme…), and overall a good idea professionally speaking. So I immediately said yes.

… I also then immediately basically sh*t myself because public speaking is one of my biggest fears. (Outside of planes, and ironically I also had to fly to this conference sooooo there’s that). But I think it’s important, every now and again, to challenge yourself, make yourself try something new, that makes you uncomfortable… because when you come out on the other side (as you always do) then one way or the other, you’ll have learned something new about yourself, and you’ll prove yet again there’s something else you can do.

I also firmly believe (no surprise here) that what you wear for such an occasion is important. Not because of what other people might think about what you look like, but about how what you wear can make you feel powerful and in control. At least that’s true for me.

I chose Alexis, as I often do, because this designer knows how to design to make a women feel in control and on top of the world. It’s important though, when dressing for a public-speaking engagement to also be thoughtful about what will make you feel good, while still being appropriate for the situation.

Many women in this situation would wear all black, but I am not many women, and I rarely wear all black (not that that is bad at all – it’s just not me). I like to stand out and where something that is always a little different – but I had to be careful not to go over the top and distract my audience.

I chose these pants because they were statement in silhouette, but simple enough in pattern and color (all neutrals). I chose a simple top and comfortable heels to keep the look overall looking clean and easy. That way, I got to keep my “me” intact, but still looked professionally appropriate.

The speech went much better than I ever could have thought it would – AND I got so many compliments on these pants soooooo double win 🙂

It’s important to think about how you can continuously modify your style – so that you always stay true to you, while still being able to transition for multiple occasions.

“Austin Chic” – Decoding the Dress Code

Jumpsuit | Shoes (sold out – similar) | Cuff 

Photography by Carlos Barron

On Monday night, I was lucky enough to attend the Andy Roddick Foundation (ARF) Gala which supports an incredibly great cause – giving kids the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities to help them discover what they love to do.

We were so excited for the event, which featured an incredible performance by Jake Owen, but when we got the information for the event, the dress code was listed as “Austin Chic”. To be honest, while it sounds cool, none of us knew what that was.

And that’s when I decided to wear this amazing white jumpsuit (with micro black polka dots!) by Alexis. To me, the best call, when you’re uncertain of how formal an event will be, is a chic go-to jumpsuit like this one. If people are in cocktail attire, and on the more-dressed-up side of the spectrum, you’ll fit in… but if people have opted for a more casual look, let’s say leather pants and a blouse, you’re still going to blend in with the overall feel of the crowd.

This jumpsuit ended up being the perfect call – the outfits were all over the map (which I love to see), but I felt at ease regardless of which group I was mingling with. Not to mention, this jumpsuit was incredibly comfortable to wear, fully lined in a fitted but forgiving fabric. Perfect for a long Monday followed by a party!

Below I’ve listed some more of my favorite jumpsuits for this type of occasion… happy shopping!

1. Stone Cold Fox Stevie Jumpsuit – Perfect for the girl who loves the “work, meet play” sort of vibe

2. Rachel Pally Thorne Jumpsuit – Not only is the print gorgeous, but it can be worn two ways with the plunge in the back or front depending on your appetite for a sultry feel or chic shape

3. Faithfull the Brand Riley Jumpsuit – Effortless chic in a casual cool striped print and plunging front

4. The Jetset Diaries Ellil Jumpsuit in Ruby – Make a wow-them-all red carpet entrance in this ruby red jumpsuit in a classic draped silhouette