ATX Fashion Week… yes we have one too ;)

This is my first event full editorial – so you’ve been warned, this one will be a little bit longer than usual, but it’s worth it – it contains all the goodies from Saturday night of this past week’s fashion week!

I cannot say enough about how much fun I had at’s fashion week on Saturday night here in Austin. This being my first fashion week, (and due to having to travel all week for my “day job”) I decided to only attend Saturday night’s show, but to go all in for it.

I was surprised, perhaps unfairly so, at the level of talent that showed up to share their clothing, both in the galleries and on the runway itself. In perusing the galleries, there were local designers as well as others from all over the country. I have a profound obsession with fashion jewelry, and my eyes were immediately drawn to a small shop called “Find Your Uncommon” – she specializes in incorporating vintage pieces into her work giving an antique yet edgy and modern look to her jewelry. I actually found FOUR different pieces I loved at affordable prices – and her stuff is even more amazing in person than it comes across in the online shop images.

On the “celebrity front” – I met 4 different project runway designers – Gunnar Deatherage, Amanda Valentine, Kelly Dempsey (Rack Addik) and Sonjia Williams (Something by Sonjia). The designers were not only all so very talented, but incredibly kind and approachable – which completely reinvigorated my love for the art of style. One of the highlights of the evening truly was having the fortune of meeting such creative and like-minded individuals – I had a blast getting to learn about each and every one of them and their individual approach to style.

I was able to snag pieces from both Sonjia (an adorable neoprene crop) and a one of a kind sequin/animal print skirt made for the runway (that showed the night before!). I didn’t believe it would fit me so Kelly had me try it on over my jumpsuit right then and there! 😛 Once it fit, I took that as a sign that I had to own it – and I can’t wait to rock it in a future post.

The runways didn’t disappoint either. On the Project Runway front, both Sonjia and Melissa Fleis (who I didn’t get the chance to meet, but seemed lovely) showed. After seeing both these lines walk, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for these pieces to hit ready to wear (I know, shock…me? Can’t wait to buy something? Never…). Melissa kicked off the show and was true to form in showing some breath-taking shapes and structure – particularly her signature collar – I need a piece in that style! (If you look closely in the image above, you can see me front row geeking out over her line!)

Sonjia showed so many incredible pieces from her upcoming fall line – her textile choices were insane, and the unique quality of her silhouettes got me excited for fall before summer has even begun (sadly, a lot of my photos from her show didn’t come out – but definitely stay on the lookout for more coverage on this designer’s pieces!).

The locals were also incredibly impressive – Nomzee designs did a twist on African inspired clothing with beautiful prints in classic silhouettes bringing a fresh look to traditional styles. (I can’t wait for more of these pieces to become available – I snagged the red crop top featured about for $30!) Nina Means showed her collection and won the Bernina award for the evening. Her designs were both lovely and high quality – perfect for women of all ages. The capsule collections were all super fun – and I loved the denim vibes (which coincidentally matched my outfit) coming through in Aplomo’s designs featured above.

In dressing for the show – I can’t tell you how much I debated over what to wear – the “dress code” was relatively unclear – so I went with my gut and did something fashion forward that wasn’t too over the top. The centerpiece for the outfit were these Zanotti shoes I recently purchased (also wrote about them in this prior post). I wanted something that would tone down my bold accessories, but still be a statement, so I wore this well-crafted denim jumpsuit by Mother Denim (available on sale on Saks here, or in more sizes at Revolve).

To top off the look, I grabbed my favorite Prada bag and go-to earrrings and choker by Nina Beranato for just the right amount of gold shine to compliment the shoes.

My hair also always needs help – I’m tragic at doing anything with my hair on my own so I got help from local Austin hair stylist and influencer Tiffany at Lather Salon – she hooked me up with this amazing braid for a look that lasted all day and night!

Honestly, my favorite part of the evening was the connection with other innovative, creative, style enthusiasts who were excited to be a part of the Austin fashion & style community (whether local or not). Moreover, I met so many amazing women who were supporting each other and bringing each other up, as opposed to competing with one another as we can unfortunately be inclined to do. I sat next to a talented and incredibly kind local designer, Lisa Sikora from Amberleaf and she was quick to introduce herself and exchange ideas about the show. Having shown up alone – it was wonderful to have someone to bounce ideas off of as the pieces passed by.

Overall, I left the evening feeling rejuvenated and inspired with the courage to keep reaching to make my passions a part of my everyday life; reminding myself that style and fashion are about so much more than what you wear, but about expressing who you are and who you want to be at any given moment you choose. <3

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