These. Shoes. Though.



When I first found out these shoes existed, I knew I eventually had to have a pair. When I found out they came in rose gold + sparkles, I just about died (and sold everything I had in order to buy them)

These are the signature Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Summer Winged Sandal (these are $$$$ but worth it – sold out at most retail stores, but still available here [official Giuseppe Zanotti site[rose gold (mine), gold, silver, and black/silver, or at Saks [silver] and at a slightly lower price for the version without crystals here [the nude is my favorite!] ) I knew when I got them exactly what I would wear with them when I’m all dressed up (of course with the high cut front, you need to pair with something that won’t make you look shorter than you are, like a mini dress – post to come on these with a fancier outfit in a few weeks).

But what concerned me when splurging so heavily was – how do I rationalize buying these to wear often?!? (and yes, I realize use of the word rational anywhere near these shoes may be a bit of a stretch).

Here I’ve paired these bad@$$ kicks with a simple pair of jeans – the distressing on these, particularly with larger holes in the pair I chose, makes the whole look much more casual, and gives it that rock-and-roll-friday-night kind of a vibe (on sale at Gilt here for under $100 and are exclusive to Gilt!). I grabbed this rose gold Rebecca Minkoff bag as well that just so happened to match the look perfectly! (Even though I got it awhile back – the same style is available in other colors on the RM site)

I’m into the loose fitting printed tees that seem to be everywhere right now – and this Haute Hippie one (under $40 and available in black!) reminded me a little bit of home (I’m from San Francisco and Haight & Ashbury is a very famous intersection marking a historic area of the city).   The sunglasses are also one of my fave buys ever – authentic rose gold available from Linda Farrow Luxe.


I also threw on two of these super cool inspirational necklaces by designer Chocolate & Steel – the first says “Be Badass Everyday” and the second says “Everything is Possible… Because I am Alive” which is a quote from the spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hahn – both of these actually inspire me to keep on keeping on every day – especially with this new found “side-hustle” bringing me so much joy. Hopefully you find some there that enables you to do the same! They’re also great to get for a friend who also needs some inspo 😉

I wore this look to a happy hour in downtown Austin (Corner Bar @ The JW Marriott is a perfect spot for a refreshing deep eddy cocktail on those warm Texas nights!) Sometimes a splurge can be both wild AND something you can make a lot of use out of… if you just style it right 🙂

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