DIY Strass… How to Rhinestone your very own Louboutins for less!

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Have you ever lusted after a pair of designer shoes…. only to see the same pair in a sparklier-perfectly unique-even more lust worthy style…. and then discover the even MORE ridiculous price tag?

Well, this may not be true for all of you, but if you’re anything like me you 1) have a knack for always finding the more expensive thing and 2) canNOT resist anything that is available in sparkly form (I blame being both Italian AND Jewish… we like our stuff sparkly).

I was actually able however, to buy a pair of authentic Louboutins in the style that I wanted (which by the way were PLENTY beautiful on their own) and then strassed (or rhinestoned) them myself for about a quarter of the price of buying shoes that come fully strassed. You can also find a gently used pair on eBay, theREALREAL or Luxury Garage Sale (as long as there aren’t tears, only scuffs) since you’re going to be covering them anyway.

To cover these shoes, I purchased rhinestones in various sizes, (I am a 7.5 [these are 38 Pigalle Follies 100s], and covered the entire shoe) – I bought “Light Colorado Topaz” genuine swarovski chrystals and I got 4 gross, size 20 (had a lot extra of these); 6 gross, size 16 (had some extra here too), 9 gross, size 12 (used just enough), 20 gross, size 9 (had just barely enough, would have gotten more), 20 gross, size 7 (had just barely enough, would have gotten more). To affix them, you need E6000 glue*** and some sort of wax tip pen. ***NOTE – this stuff is highly toxic, you MUST use in an open or ventilated space, wear safety gloves, and a mask (so fashion really CAN be painful… but so worth it?).

The result was these picture perfect heels that I plan on rocking at my bachelorette this summer. I’ll be doing an upcoming post on how I styled the rest of this outfit for Happy Hour to keep these from being an occasion only soon… be on the lookout for that one in a few weeks!

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    1. Thanks Tiffany! We’ll have to get you some bedazzled something or other one of these days!

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