Southby Style


One of my favorite things about Southby, is there are so many different ways to approach the event from a style perspective (and we all know how much I love being all over the map ;)).

Southby is a hodgepodge of corporate folks, musicians, artists, locals, agents, sportspersons, entrepreneurs, etc., so you won’t be “incorrectly” dressed no matter what you wear (not that I even believe one ever can be).

Personally, one of my favorite SXSW looks is a play on work wear. I like to take something “work-esque” and transform it into a more playful look.


Here I’ve taken a sheer blouse (can be paired with a tank for a work appropriate look) [Majorelle Sussex Blouse] tied it up and paired it with a destroyed jean [Lovers + Friends Ricky Skinny Jean in Solana].

I dressed my look up with a dressier shoe [Giuseppe Zannotti, Coline Rhinestone Slingback Heel in Nude; for a more affordable heel – try these rhinestone heels by Menbur] and a statement necklace [Virgin, Saints and Angels Chrome Gold Bonita Necklace; options here, here and here for a simpler look!].


Dressing it up with these pieces by mixing and matching levels of dress can make a look more fashion-forward. I always encourage trying to pick a piece or two that almost contradicts the level of formality of an outfit – it will give your look an instant high fashion feel, but will keep you from being too overdressed (if you even care) when you select the casual pieces carefully.

With these simple tricks, you can take your SXSW look anywhere you want, even to the moon 😉


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