Fur – Faux or Fo’ Real …

It’s All Good With Me..

Faux Fur | Top | Skirt (alternate color) | Shoes 

The one and ONLY thing I love about the cold? The excuse to wear my furs. I personally have both faux and real fur, but whichever floats your boat and moral compass – it’s an undeniably chic trend that won’t go away.

I must say, I do love this season’s influx of faux options – whether for your paw-friendly predispositions or pocketbook, it’s excellent to have an alternate option that’s still stylish and fashion-forward without the high price tag.

Below, I’ve listed a few of my fave faux and fo’real furs of the season:

Faux: One | Two | Three

Fo’Real: One | Two | Three


Sequins after the Holiday – Can you or Can’t you?

Top | Skirt | Earrings | Shoes | Bag

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

So … you probably already know my answer to the title question, but I’m going to walk you through my reasoning anyway ;).

It seems there’s an increasingly incredible selection of embellished duds making their way into retail stores and fashion lines just before the world’s biggest winter holidays. I am naturally drawn to the sparkly, fun and wild pieces anyway, so I always have ended up buying it all up, and come January 2nd, feel that I can’t wear any of it for a year.

Well, I no longer feel that way. Sparkles are fun, and shouldn’t just be reserved for the one appropriate time a year. And it’s easy to dress a sparkly item down – by pairing with a simple turtleneck as shown above, or pairing a sequin jacket with jeans, or a mini dress with boots.

I know that I have at least three more outfits to wear this winter that I could have just as easily worn on New Year’s Eve, and I’m not going to let that stop me… Encouraging you all to shine bright like the diamonds you are… year round… 😉

Last Stop: Hiatus in Hong Kong

Arriving in Style

Jumpsuit | Necklace

City Exploring

Top & Skirt (Follow Insta for site updates!)Belt (sold out) | Sunglasses | Shoes | Bag (sold out)

Night out on the Town

Top | Leggings | Belt (sold out) | Shoes

On our way home through Hong Kong, we had decided to book a couple of nights to explore the city, and I’m now wishing we had one more.

The city is vibrant and full of life and energy, and was fun to explore just walking around and taking it all in. We only had one day to see it all, so we started by going to Victoria Peak by ferrying from our hotel across the water and then taxiing to the top of the hill. The view was incredible and truly makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

After that, we walked through the city, visiting some of the high end storefronts (where I may or may not have made a couple of shoe purchases :D), before making our way over to the very famous Tim Ho Wan for lunch. It was INCREDIBLE and the famous BBQ buns did not disappoint, even for this Texas girl.

That night, we went to Ho Lee Fook for dinner; they don’t take reservations under 6, but it was worth the (1.5 hour) wait. We let them bring us whatever they recommended and not one item failed to disappoint (and I’m a picky eater). [Not a food blogger, but I must say, the food impressed me the most in Hong Kong. Whether you’re spending a lot or a little, you can have a luxurious meal of all shapes and sizes depending on what you’re in the mood for.]

We topped off our last night in Hong Kong by strolling through the famous Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) to see the nightlife and action. It’s reminiscent of Bourbon street (or our very own dirty 6th) and while great to see, we quickly realized we may be a bit too old for the scene, and made our way home.

Hong Kong surpassed my expectations and was the perfect way to end such an amazing trip.

Well… now comes the brutal reality of getting back to real life. The only thing getting me through this Monday is being back in my favorite city, and home, Austin, TX <3.

Seaside in Seminyak

Beach-Chic NYETop (Bikini – Alternate Color) | Skirt (Alternates 1, 2) | Shoes (similar) | Bag (similar styles) | Earrings | Bodychain

New Years Day Date Night

Dress (Alternates 1, 2, 3) | Earrings | Ring | Shoes

Seaside Swimwear

Swimsuits (Montce Alternates), (Capittana Alternates) | Pants (Nude/Leopard)| Earrings | Necklace

 A Feminine Farewell

Dress (Alternates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) | Earrings | Shoes

Seminyak was the perfect next stop on our vacation. After spending so much time in solitude (which was very needed) – it was great to get back out and about in a more populated area.

From beachside bars, to opulent pools, (and the best shopping I’d seen yet), Seminyak was the perfect seaside city for us to let down our hair and celebrate a little. It was also a perfect place to spend the New Year (and we actually ran into a group of friends we got to party with as well, which was an excellent added bonus!)

We spent the majority of our time exploring new restaurants and cocktail bars (we spent New Years at La Favela and it was a blast and the food was delicious), as well as laying by the pool at our hotel (the Legian) and other nearby spots (Potato Head Beach and Finn’s Beach Club – we loved Finn’s, but word to the wise – if you want a daybed, book in advance!).

I also got to visit quite a few local boutiques – and cleaned up at a few of my favorites – Palma Australia that has fairly high quality duds at reasonable prices, and the boutique at the famous Ku de Ta restaurant and beach club had some adorable pieces by Zee for Ku de Ta of which I snagged quite a few (website coming soon – follow them on insta for updates!). I also found my new fave jewelry spot – Monsieur Blonde (insta here) which features Parisian-designed, but handmade in Bali pieces that were gorgeous and high quality, as well as unique and delicate all at the same time.

One hot tip, while I’m personally a pool person anyway, if you’re headed to Seminyak, do not be expecting to spend a good amount of time on the beach there. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to handle the amount of trash it receives and it gets dumped in the river which ends up in the ocean… and all over the beach (this is especially true during rainy season). It was certainly sad to see, and we spent our times looking at the ocean from a pool, but it’s worth noting if you’re expecting a lot of beach time, you may want to visit one of the other nearby cities that I believe are a bit better…

Now it’s off to our last stop in Hong Kong, a quick two night excursion – but stay tuned for an update wrapping up our trip as well!

Ubud: Eat, Pray… Eat Some More

Local Flavor @ LocavoreSwimsuit/Bodysuit | Skirt | Earrings | Necklace | Ring | Shoes

Exploring @ Pura Tirta Empul

Dress (Alternates in the same print: 1, 2, 3) | Sunglasses | Shoes

Shopping @ Downtown Ubud

Top | Skirt | Sunglasses | Ear Cuff | Choker | Cuff | Shoes

   Dress (Alternates: 1, 2, 3) | Earrings | Shoes

Ubud, for us, definitely lived up to its reputation for being full of spirituality and culture. Staying in the jungle of Ubud was a perfect interlude, falling perfectly in the middle of our trip to keep us centered and remind us why it’s so important to check out and get back to basics, even if just for a moment.

You can truly see how important spirituality is for everyone – not just in the beautiful temples where the locals spend a good amount of their time, but in everything they do. From the way they approach life with constant laughter and a smile on their face, to the numerous offerings spread throughout the city, the relationship with something greater is evident.

We tried to fully embrace this piece of the city, from anti-gravity yoga, to meditation sessions and even engaging in individual chakra cleansings, we got to experience the unique and special “something different” way of life that only the balinese can truly offer.

I was even more surprised to experience how amazing the food culture here is. We dined at Locavore, Mozaic and a local more “touristy” destination, Bridges. And none of the three failed to disappoint at all; from service to cuisine everything about each experience was exceptional. We were far and away most impressed by Locavore’s dining experience, however. They feature modern takes to local Indonesian cuisine, and we were wowed by every bite. In addition to the full 8 course menu we selected, we were also greeted by numerous (I think 5 or 6) complimentary bites before and in between and each was as incredible as the items on the menu. We also tried the beverage pairing which, unlike most restaurants, was composed of cocktails instead of wine. They did an incredible job at this unique approach to pairing and we loved every single option.

Overall, Ubud overwhelmed us with culture and we were amazed by this little city in the jungle.

Up next? Ringing in the new year in Seminyak…

The Magic of Nihi

The Magic of Nihi Sumba

Kimono (Alternate Color/Style) | Bikini Top (Alternate Color) | Bikini Bottom (Alternate Color/Style) | One Piece Sage/Porcelain | Sunglasses


Top (Sold Out) | Skirt | Shoes | Earrings 

Dress (Sold Out – Similar styles: 1, 2, 3) | Earrings | Shoes


Next up on our honeymoon was definitely a spot we were very much looking forward to as one of the highlights of our trip, and it didn’t disappoint.
Nihi Sumba is a sprawling resort on the far side of an island called Sumba, which is just off the coast of Bali in Indonesia. We love to incorporate at least one “off the beaten path” style destination on our vacations, and this one was definitely off the beaten path.
Located on the south western coast of the island, nestled amongst the jungle and situated right on the water, it was one of the most beautifully designed resorts I’ve ever had the fortune to see. The resort is also actually quite large; with approximately 30 rooms and 60 villas, their accommodations range in shapes and sizes to fit the style of the honeymooner, the adventurer, and even large groups and families.
Our villa was the Marangga suite which was right on the water, with an ocean view, private pool and our own bale down closer to the cliff’s edge where we could have intimate meals, services, or even just relax and watch the tides change throughout the day.
What they don’t tell you (or at least we didn’t research) before you arrive, is that the resort has an intensely close and charitable relationship with the island’s community. 90% of the staff is made up of local Sumbanese individuals. The island itself has a substantial amount of poverty, and the resort gives back in part by employing many locals, and in another large part by having founded The Sumba Foundation, which provides health benefits, schooling, water and other services to the local population. We were incredibly impressed by the passion the resort owners have for the people and the symbiotic relationship the resort and the island have with each other was certainly felt by the guests, and absolutely added to the magic of the experience. We also felt lucky enough to be able to donate Christmas bags for the children filled with educational yet fun items (like stationary) that they wouldn’t normally have access to.
Additionally, we were able to experience a variety of excursions, that really helped us in seeing the beauty of the island. On our first day, we just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the resort, but the next day we went stand up paddle boarding down the river, where we saw everything from water buffalo swimming next to us, to large prehistoric looking monitors, to ending in a local fishing village where we got to meet many of the (extremely adorable) local children.
The next day we took a tour of the “on campus” chocolate factory. We got to see how they produce the chocolate and then experienced a chocolate facial that uses the antioxidant properties of the chocolate to help restore the skin. In between, we were treated to an amazing private yoga class with the on campus instructor which was so peaceful when conducted amongst the trees near the factory.
 The last day was “my day” and hubs treated me to the “Spa Safari” – you can either go by car or walk (we chose the car) and travel through a local village where you get to see how the Sumbanese actually live and why, before trekking over to a cliffside outdoor spa where you get unlimited treatments (we did all of them!). We ended our long day with a custom made private dinner that the staff hosted for us under the stars on the beach back at the resort. It was truly an amazing and restorative way to end our stay at Nihi.
We certainly hope some day we are able to come back and experience the magic of the island once again! But for now… we’re off to Bali! 😃

My Take on Thai Style

Nights Out in Bangkok

Top | Skirt | Shoes (similar) | Earrings | Necklace | Ring


Riding with the Elephants

Top | Pants (almost sold out) | Shoes | Earrings


Dinner at Gaggan

Dress (small on sale here)| Shoes (similar) | Earrings | Ring

When traveling, I love to be inspired by the places around me in how I dress. This doesn’t necessarily mean I dress like the locals do of course (sometimes I might try, but that’s so hard to perfect in a place you don’t frequent, and I always like to be a little “different” anyway), but I like to take inspiration from the architecture, the agriculture, the landscape, the culture and the environment around me in constructing my outfits.

In Bangkok, Thailand, I was immediately inspired by the mix of metal and movement, greenery and nightlife – the vibrancy of the modern street-life mixed with the opulence of the old world all in one place.

For my first look on a night out, I mixed the casual vibe of this Mate the Label tee with the romantic and nature-inspired floral skirt by Asilio. I added my glittery heels (hand-made for my bachelorette if you don’t recall :P), to echo the sparkle of the nightlife. I topped off the look with some fun jewelry from For Love & Lemon’s new jewelry line (which is surprisingly, yet unsurprisingly amazing – what can’t they do I mean sheesh) and some beautiful Kendra Scott pieces from her holiday line.

On a day trip out to visit the elephants, I chose this uber comfortable (yet stylish) two piece crop set by my frequently-worn fave, Spell & the Gypsy. This print is from their Flower Child line a few releases back, but I still love it, and it was a perfect echo of the environment around me in outer Bangkok. Not only that, but it was incredibly practical (like wearing the world’s most stylish pajamas) – definitely something I don’t have enough of!

On our last night, I got to visit Gaggan, a restaurant I’d heard of and been dying to try for ages! One of San Pellegrino’s top ten, but closing it’s doors this year, we felt incredibly lucky to get a reservation and I definitely wanted to dress my best. This one shoulder asymmetrical Alexis dress with an opposing asymmetrical hem was perfectly Asian-inspired and these Kendra Scott earrings that are themselves reminiscent of ancient temples were the perfect compliment. I have to say, the true star of the night, despite my best efforts was the dining experience. it was absolutely incredible and unlike anything I’d ever had (and I do like to consider myself a foodie!) The entire menu was nothing but emojis, with the true ingredients not revealed until after the dinner was done. In addition, the chef paid special attention not just to the taste, but additionally the presentation, some menu items even including an audial experience. If you are in Bangkok – you must go!

Well… now it’s off to Indonesia… stay tuned!!!

Black, White and Red All Over

Bordeaux – The Pairing Color of the Season

Dress (Rent; Alternates: 1, 2, 3) | Boots (Alternates: 1, 2, 3) | Earrings (also in Bordeaux) | Ring | Sunglasses | Bag (mini)


 Top (Alternates: 1, 2, 3) | Pants | Shoes (Alternates: 1, 2, 3) | Earrings

First Look Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

Second Look Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Red has always been my favorite color. One thing I love about red is it’s ability to last all year. Throughout every season, a shade of red usually finds its way into the core color palettes of almost every lookbook. And lucky for me, I’m drawn to it in all shades. Bordeaux frequently makes its way into our fall and winter trends, and I love the way it pairs with neutrals – particularly black & white.

Here, I’ve paired the color two ways, both using bordeaux velvet shoes, but with two totally different vibes. In the first, I paired a simple shift dress with my OTK boots from Zara’s last winter line for an ultra-feminine feel. I paired the look with the acrylic version of the Cult Gaia – and I love how this bag so easily converts from summer to winter with the right pairing.

For my second look, I picked up on the victorian vibes making their way into designer’s lines, and started with these AMAZING velvet pumps (I think I imagined these into being when I found them – as they are so perfect and go with almost everything!) I chose this lovely lace Reformation blouse and these super unique and ultra-fun high-waisted pants by Alice McCall to finish the look.

I love how adding bordeaux to a neutral look takes the whole thing to another level, and am loving how well it’s fitting into my winter wardrobe :).

Ready for Romance

On our way … and feeling all the love-vibes     

Top (Alternates: 1, 2) | Skirt | Shoes | Earrings | Necklace | Ring | Bag

All Photography – Carlos Barron Photography

We are now officially on our way to paradise – and I couldn’t be more excited. We decided to wait to take our honeymoon, and while hard at times, I think it helped us amp up more excitement for the getaway the wedding far behind us. (Not to mention with this year and how hectic our day jobs have been, I don’t think we could have done it sooner!)

While I’m going to try to limit internet and social media interactions to a minimum while on our honeymoon, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from me about the trip and my fashion choices as we tour a part of the world neither of us have been to! We’re heading to Bangkok, Sumba, Seminyak & Ubud (as long as Mt Agung holds for us!), and Hong Kong and I’ll be documenting all my style choices for visiting these beautiful cities!

Just before leaving I shot this outfit and decided it screamed so much of romance I had to bring it with us on the trip, and wanted to give you all a little something before we head (mostly) off the grid! The red roses, the delicate tulle, the fun fringe detailing on these shoes – all speak to running away somewhere romantic with someone near and dear to you, so I thought it was the perfect piece to share before we head off to enjoy newly wedded bliss. Hope during this lovely season, you all are spending the time with those you love as well. Happy Holidays!

Go Bold – Printed Pant Perfection

Dare to Wear – Bold Pants

Pants (Sold Outshop the post below for other bold styles I’m digging!) | Top | BootsBag (similar)

All Photography – Lauren Parr Photography

Welcome to my new favorite trend – bold pieces of clothing. From statement sleeves to fashion-forward footwear to patterned pants, more is more these days. I love that fashion is allowing for more vibrant choices, letting people express themselves more loudly than before. However, even with more being more, it is still important to keep in mind that pairing is key with bolder prints and textiles.

Here, I took these (OMG-to-die-for-amazing) pants by one of my faves, Alexis, and paired them with a simple black turtleneck. This look could be taken up a notch with these gold boots I have pictured, which work despite their bold design because of the way the gold compliments the feel of the print. The pants could just as easily be paired with simple black (or my favorite, this season’s bordeaux) pumps.

These pants may be too wild for you, but I think regardless of your personal preference, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to take risks, and not spend too much time worrying whether or not you can “pull it off” – it’s all in the confidence. #daretowear

Here are a few of my faves:

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

All Photography by Lauren Parr Photography